Our Philosophy Is To Live Life Feeling Soul Good

Find out for yourself how to live your life Feeling Soul Good, through the inspirational tools offered in our Holistic 200 and 300 Yoga Teacher Training Programs held beside the Ocean in Goa, India, or alongside the rice fields in the beauty of Bali, Indonesia. We also offer Self Empowerment and Sound Healing retreats, and workshops.
Our intention through the medium of  Yoga, Sound, Breath, Ceremonies and Meditation is to assist you with present moment awareness remembering your Self-worth and your connection to Source energy which brings you back into your heart where you feel a connection with all life. This feeling allows encourages you to live a  life that Feels Soul Good.
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Jan 21 – Feb 16, 2018

A blended asana style of traditional Hatha yoga, interwoven with the modern flow of vinyasa. Other subject offerings include pranayama, mantra, meditation, philosophy, physical and subtle anatomy, nada yoga etc.

300 Hour Subtle Body Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

March 4th – April 4th, 2018

This intensive is an inward journey into the psychology of the chakra system, through theory, self-study and practical application.

The Yoga Of Sound Retreat in Goa, India

Jan 7 – 14, 2018

When our voice becomes an Offering, through the unity of Spirit and Breath, the alchemy of Presence brings us back into the oneness of the Heart. Connect the stream of your breath to your voice and heart, as you invoke the feelings of joy and harmony through the use of Sacred sounds and returning back into silence. The sound and complimentary elements includes: Mantras, toning, singing, asana, etc.

New Journey YTTC
Awakening Self-Love Bali, Indonesia

April 22 – April 27, 2018

Don’t dismiss the elements. Water soothes and heals. Air refreshes and revives. Earth grounds and holds. Fire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power. Breathe them in. Swallow their spells. There’s a sweet comfort in knowing that you belong to them all.


The Feeling Soul Good Yoga Teacher Training Programs immerses students in the study of yoga on the Beaches of Goa in India overlooking the Arabian Sea. Cradled by the impeccable beauty of mother nature, students of our yoga teacher training program in Goa not only become teachers but form a deeper connection with their true Self.

Nurture your personal growth by uniting your heart and intentions to boosts your self-esteem as you rise to discover more about your true self through the ancient teachings of yoga. You’ll build tools to live life Feeling Soul Good with our diverse, passionate and experienced teachers who are filled with an infinite sea of wisdom, inspiration and fun in this life changing opportunity.

It isn’t just our serene location and experience teachers that set apart our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa programs. Our YTT in Goa.


  • We offer individual and group support throughout the course of the training for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa
  • Our approach goes beyond Yoga to other forms of holistic training including sound healing, healing, Yoga Nidra, ceremonies and pranayama
  • The experience is supplemented with unique touches you’ll never forget including one hour of pranayama each day and live music with shivasana
  • Our Yoga training offers you the opportunity to know your Authentic Self: Come as you are and allow yourself to be truly seen. There is no one
    better than your TRUE self.
  • We teach from the traditional science of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga.

Our international Yoga Alliance certified teacher training gives you the tools and knowledge to deepen your personal practice, awaken new inspirations and perspectives, and the confidence to teach yoga with a solid foundation.

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Connect your voice with your heart, and create long-lasting health through the use of Sacred Sounds: Ancient Sanskrit Mantras, toning, singing, and vocal play infused with the complimentary practices of pranayama, asana, yoga nidra, and meditation. In part of making sounds is learning to listen, internally and externally, this develops a deeper awareness which has potential to awaken consciousness.

Your sound holds the possibility of freedom and self-empowerment when used in an intentional way. If you wish to tap into this power and tune into subtle vibrations both inside and out, this sound healing retreat in India is for you.


  • Knowledge of how to use Sound/Silence for your well-being
  • Tools to transform stuck emotions
  • Deeper breathing, increased energy and improved health
  • Stronger, freer singing/speaking voice
  • Greater self-expression and improved communication
  • Awaken to both power of the inner sounds and silence


From the beginning of time all Indigenous and ancient cultures all over the world have used the element of sound. These Peoples have employed sound for healing, invoking spirits, ceremony and transforming consciousness. Some of the methods used have been with the voice, rattles and drums among many other instruments.


  • Greater awareness and presence through deep listening practices
  • Deeper breath for improved health
  • Transforms stuck emotions
  • Builds your confidence to express and communicate more freely
  • Improved communication
  • Stronger speaking/ teaching voice
  • Quiets inner chatter and thoughts


  • We believe sound is a powerful healing tool to free the voice, build confidence, and open the throat chakra. Explore the medicine of mantras, indian scales, vocal play and song.
  • Through the sacredness of our foundation, we incorporate a safe space that promotes respect, acceptance and
    authenticity in non-competitive environment.
  • Our Yoga training offers you the opportunity to know your Authentic Self: Come as you are and allow yourself
    to be truly seen. There is no one better than your TRUE self.
  • Tap into your inner strength and increase your willpower, concentration, focus and discipline through a 3 hour
    daily morning practice.
  • Our venue is surrounded by the elements of nature, right beside the sea side and a quiet part of Northern Goa, India which provides
    birdsongs, fresh air and connection to nature to awaken any yoga practice.
  • We teach from the traditional science of Hatha Yoga mixed with Vinyasa styles of yoga.
  • We offer individual and group support throughout the course of the training.
  • We believe life is about Feeling Soul Good, and this encourages acceptance and respect of differences and
    promotes fun and laughter throughout the training.

Raise Your Vibration Expand Your Mind And Open Your Heart
As You Study And Live The Teachings Of Yoga

Yoga works on a subtle level, bringing about a sense of  groundedness, inner harmony and connection to your body and spirit. Since all of life is energy and, essentially vibration, using the powerful sounds of mantra, the gentle use of humming (which promotes feel good hormones) or releasing the sensation one feels in a pose with sound in asana helps to move stuck energy
blocks for personal transformation which promotes more pranic flow,and helps bring focus to the mind and an opening to the heart. By practicing aspects of Nada Yoga also known as sound healing, (this includes mantras, singing, or toning) there is a powerful sense of personal empowerment that goes deeper then the physical body. One needs to experience it to
fully understand.

In our Yoga 200 yoga teachers training programs we invite awareness of the breath and use of sound to be an integral part of our classes. As its through sound and breath we are able to anchor into the present moment, which opens conscious awareness.

Are You Ready To Be Inspired and
Expand Your Yoga Knowledge?

The journey of life should be fun and you deserve to have the confidence to live your life fully and on your terms. Allow us to guide you in a Yoga training that will deepen your Yoga practice, expand your heart and soul while connecting you with nature in one of the two beautiful locations of Bali or by the Oceanside in Goa, India. Gifting yourself the experience of a 200 Yoga teacher-training or 300-hour yoga teacher training course in Goa, India will allow you the opportunity to increase your physical strength through 3.5 hours of daily practice while also increasing your inner power that will enhance your vitality and bring about life balance.


The Feel Soul Good 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Goa, India or Bali will mark the beginning of your true mind, body and soul transformation.If you feel the call to join us on our inspiring 200-hour yoga teacher training in either Bali or India and receive the tools and knowledge to deepen your personal practice, awaken new inspirations and perspectives, and have the confidence to teach yoga with a solid foundation. Our yoga teaching intensive will also gift you with the opportunity to awaken your voice, open your heart and become more present to yourself and the world around you.

Listen To Our Students

Yoga is an offering to yourself it begins to awaken consciousness and promotes

a healthy way of life in mind, body and spirit.


What our clients says

Our Teachers

Our epic team is a unique collection of diverse, passionate experienced teachers. They understand that Yoga is a way of life. Having more then 25 years in combined years of experience. The team shares their knowledge and passion with integrity, wisdom, often with humor and endless inspiration.

Sequoia 500 hour E.Y.T.

Holistic Practitioner

Teacher of : Meditation,Pranayama, Asana, Mantra chanting, Philosophy, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing and Ceremonies.

Sequoia has been studying and practicing yoga for more then half her life. She used yoga, breath and sound to heal herself

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Shir 500 hour E.Y.T.

Teacher of : Meditation, Pranayama, Asana, Mantra chanting, Philosophy, Anatomy

Music has been Shir’s main passion and occupation since childhood, playing the recorder and violin.

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Alexia 200 hour E.Y.T.

Teacher of: Vinyasa, Yin, mantras and Bhakti Yoga.

Alexia's Yoga path started 10 years ago where, after having taken only a single class in an Ashram in India, she signed up for a month long Yoga immersion in Rishikesh.

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Gosia 500 hour E.Y.T.

Teacher of: Yin, Yoga theapy, Ayuveda, Nutrition and Hormonal.

Gosia Orlicz started to practice yoga in 2004 and explored many different styles. She was joining immersions, intensive courses and retreats around the world.

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