The Yoga of Sound pic

The Yoga of Sound


 Feb 20- 28th, 2017, 

When your voice becomes an offering, the power of spirit and breath moves through you in alchemical and healing. Read more


Sound healing 101

Slocan B.C

 Oct 02, 11:00 ­ 5:00pm

Discover your most powerful instrument, the voice. Understand how the brain, body and nervous system are effected by vibration

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200 hour Yoga Teacher Training


March 05- 30, 2017

Join us in the nature of Northern India, 22km from Rishikesh  with our comprehensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Read more


Healing with Tibetan bowls

Slocan B.C

Oct 16, 11:00 ­ 5:00pm

How to choose the right bowl for you.How to use your bowls for clearing your space.Learn various ways to use the bowls for healing yourself and others.If you have a bowl bring it if not Tibetan bowls are available for purchase or use

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200 hour yoga teacher training bali

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training


May14th – June 8th 2017

Join us in Bali as you live and embody the teachings of yoga with our comprehensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.Read More

200 hour yoga teacher training bali

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training


August 27 – September 21 2017

Join us in Bali as you live and embody the teachings of yoga with our comprehensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.Read More

International Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Bali and Northern India

200 hour yoga teacher training bali, 200 hour yttc, yoga teacher training,

Are you ready for a profound experience exploring the healing power of sound and nada yoga?

At Feeling Soul Good Yoga School, we believe sound is a powerful healing tool to free the voice, build confidence, and open the throat chakra. We want to teach you how to explore the medicine of mantras, Indian scales, vocal play and song while also learning from the traditional science or Hatha Yoga mixed with the Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga.

You can do this by joining us for a 200 hour yoga teacher training program in northern India or Bali where you can learn how to practice freedom of voice through chanting, sound healing and singing. Tap into your authentic self while on this retreat, as you learn how to find your inner strength, increase your willpower, improve your concentration, focus and discipline with the 3-hour daily morning practice.

As you practice the rituals and while you learn to embrace the healing power of sound and nada yoga in India you can also enjoy the beauty of nature. The Aurovalley ashram is situated in the countryside in a peaceful location on the foothills of the Himalayas and alongside the holy River Ganga in Rishikesh.

Both the yoga training in Bali and the Nada Yoga in India provide opportunities for you to retreat while surrounded by nature which provides birdsong, fresh air and the connection to mother Earth which will really awaken your yoga practice. Enjoy delicious vegetarian food and private or shared accommodation, and experience individual as well as group support throughout the yoga teacher training.


Why our 200 hour Yoga teacher training?

Find out for yourself how to live your life according to the Feeling Soul Good philosophies of acceptance, respect, fun and laughter. While doing your 200 hour yoga teacher training in the nature of India or Bali, you will learn in a safe space that promotes respect, acceptance and authenticity while also experiencing the life-changing and healing power of sound and nada yoga. Our passionate and experienced teachers will also support you on your personal growth as they teach you deeper knowledge of yogic practices.

  • We teach from the traditional science of Hatha yoga with mixed blends of Yin and Vinyasa.
  • We offer individual and group support through out the training.
  • We encourage you to listen to your own body’s rhythm while in the asana practice
  • We provide lots of teaching practices, which helps to build confidence and self-esteem.
  • We place great importance on the power of the breath. We provide one hour of pranayama (breathing practice) each day.
  • We believe sound is a powerful healing tool to free the voice, build confidence and open the throat chakra so we include Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound ) on the training. Through exploring the voice using Indian scales, mantras, vocal play, and song.
  • All our trainings are held close to the nature to deepen our connection with the elements.
  • We believe life is about Feeling Soul Good, and we love to laugh and enjoy the journey of life.
  • We create a sacred safe space where every one is supported and nourished.
  • We incorporate the mind, body, spirit connection.
  • Our extra classes include, Yoga nidra, healing, nutrition, rebirthing, sound healing, silence, acro and kids yoga, to mention a few.

Why join us in Bali?

Our yoga teacher training course is also unique in the blend of asana that you will practice and teach. You will study and practice a combination of hatha, yin, kundalini & vinyasa styles with speciality classes that include, acro, prenatal, and kids yoga.

Our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali takes place in a gorgeous open air yoga shala at a beautiful manicured retreat that is surrounded by rice fields and a spacious landscape, nestled 20 min away from hustle of Ubud.

So come join us for our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali.

Why join us in  India?

Our yoga teacher training in India integrates Nada Yoga, so in addition to the foundational practices of Hatha yoga, it will also provide an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to discover and free their voice.  There will be live music played in shivasana, chanting in many of the asana classes and lots of integrated use of sound. The asana style taught in the training is a blend of Hatha and vinayasa, integrated with daily pranayama, meditation, philosophy and teaching practice.

200 hour yoga teacher training bali

Through the Science of Yoga practices and the power of sound healing  (Nada Yoga) we create a sacred space for you to raise your vibration, allowing for a greater flow of life force to increase your vital health in mind and bodies.


300 YTTC pic

Are you ready to deepen and transform on a soul level?

The journey of life should be fun and you deserve to have the confidence to live your life fully and on your terms. Allow us to guide you in a Yoga training that will deepen your Yoga practice, expand your heart and soul, while connecting you with nature in one of these two beautiful locations.     Gifting yourself the experience of a Yoga teacher training course will allow you the opportunity to increase your physical strength through 3.5 hours of daily practice while also increasing your inner power that will enhance your vitality and bring about life balance. The Feel Soul Good 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Northern India or Bali will mark the beginning of your true mind, body and soul transformation.

If you feel the call to join us on our inspiring 200 hour yoga teacher training in either Bali or India and receive the tools and knowledge to deepen your personal practice, awaken new inspirations and perspectives, and have the confidence to teach yoga with a solid foundation. Our yoga teaching intensive will also gift you with the opportunity to awaken your voice, open your heart and become more present to yourself and the world around you.


Sound Healing


Since the beginning of time the use of song, mantra, sounds & rhythm, have been used in ancient and indigenous cultures to transform energy, change  brain states to alter consciousness. One of the most powerful instruments we have is the voice. Learn how to heal yourself and others in our sound healing workshop, or shift your consciousness as you relax and go on a sound healing journey, or book a private session. If you want a submersion join our next retreat.


  • Amy Victoria “I have learnt so much, mainly I have learnt how to listen to my self, I loved everything I have learnt as there is really so much content covered” Amy Victoria Doctor From New Zealand

  • Daniella Cavazos “I would totally recommend this training for everyone you will not regret it. I learnt so much about my self, I learnt yoga is not a sport it is a way of life. I am so happy that now I know how to properly get into and out of each posture”. Daniella Cavazos Architect from Mexico

  • Neil Anderson “I first met Sequoia in Kelowna, B.C , Canada 2005. She is an encouraging workshop facilitator, a talented masseuse, sound healer, and an inspirational, wise woman. I am thankful for her teachings in my first official lessons on the subtle body of the Chakras. Her presentation of the profound materials and interactive teaching methods allowed me to become more aware of the connections within and around myself. Sequoia’s understanding of vibrational sound and healing touch has allowed me to walk away from her treatments feeling happy to be me. She is a positively unique human being and I am thankful to have been impacted by her.” Neil Anderson, Nurse & Acupuncturist from Canada

  • Naya

    “I have learnt more about my self, more confidence , staying centered, to find more confidence with myself. I have deepened my practice, and realize how deeper the yoga philosophy really is”

    Naya Psychologist from USA

  • VIctoria Guidi “Sequoia, gives abundance of wisdom and knowledge, passion and love. Which effected me deeply in all my relationships in my life, through her words teaching and sounding, which I didn’t truly realize until a few months after returning home from Bali. It’s been a blessing.” Victoria Guidi, Yoga teacher from USA

  • Margaret Palacios “It was an amazing life experience, so growing and interesting, you meet wonderful people and the teachers are really good, their beliefs and life style teaches you a lot…. in some practicum i did not get enough retro so i could do better in my final, you should take it but always ask how are you doing it! i definitely recommend this training, i learned so much of my self, yoga, different ways of life, it was a wonderful month!” MARGARET

  • Amy Fitzell “I am forever grateful to have met Sequoia. She has such incredible knowledge, teachings, and energy. Sequoia was one of my teachers on a one month yoga teacher training course in India, and from the very first pranayama class we had with her, I felt I had encountered a very unique and powerful teacher. During my time in India I was lucky to experience Sequoia’s yoga classes, sound healings, and ceremonies. Her understanding and insight into yoga and spiritual exploration are matched by her passion for sharing them with others. And her sense of humour is infectious! I have not stopped telling people about the “things I learned from Sequoia”, and I look forward to the day I can see this incredible teacher again.” Amy Fitzell, Student from Australia

  • Paola Skaff Alford “I loved every aspect of this TTC , we were very lucky to have had such a harmonious group. My life has changed for the better as a result.”

  • Colette Bosch “Sequoia is the physical embodiment of light and joy. She lives her passion and shares her gifts with incredible generosity. Wise beyond her years, she exudes confidence and a peacefulness that is magnetic and inspirational. Events featuring Sequoia are never to be missed. Give yourself the gift of love.” Colette Bosch School Teacher from Canada

  • Julie Saadeh “I learned a lot there, and enjoyed the time I spent during the training and feel as though I have made invaluable friendships. This course was holistic incorporating different themes in one month. very rich and very helpful.I would highly recommend this course to others.” JULIE SAADEH

  • Yun Ng “My experience with Sequoia goes beyond the weeks during teacher training in Goa, India. A people-person with a huge heart, Sequoia is always inspirational and loving. Her sound healing sessions brought me beyond what I knew and was absolutely life-changing for myself and many others. Every lesson with Sequoia is an ‘awareness adventure’ , beyond the 5 senses and deep into the oceans of our souls. Through chanting and pranayama sessions, I’ve attained a better knowledge of my inner body and started to believe in the amazing effects pranayama has on my body.” Yun Ng, Stewardess, yoga teacher from Singapore

  • AMber Vescio “My experience with Feeling Soul Good was much more then a Yoga training it was a journey, I loved everything about the training and would highly recommend the training to everybody, it changed my life with such a positive impact” Amber, Student from Canada

  • Jennifer Dean “Sequoia Henning is a unique and boundless healer who has the infinite ability to change your life forever. She captures your mind, spirit and body from the timeless moments you spend with her. As a professional from the corporate world of 15 years, i have been transformed by her special influence and profound insight into spirituality, pranayama, chanting, sound healing, meditation and the chakras. I found a tremendous wealth of compassion, warmth, kindness, and respect from Sequoia, and highly recommend her. She is a beautiful force of nature, light and replenishment for the soul. Thank you Sequoia for being a treasure of many talents to help guide us all to higher ground in our lives.” Jennifer Dean , marketing , Vancouver Island

  • Vassoulla Demetriou “It’s very hard to put into words the impact meeting Sequoia has had on my life. It was a big one though & offered me guidance & support through a time of challenging transformation in my life. She opened my eyes, my mind & my heart. I see things so differently now & have a fresh perspective on life & our entire being. I feel empowered, grateful & like my awareness of this incredible universe is slowly growing bit by bit every day, allowing more moments of clarity, presence and joy. I will always be grateful for our meeting & hope very much that our paths cross again so I can continue to learn from and be inspired by this wonderful lady.” Vassoulla Demetrioo, Marketing, Retreat owner, London

  • Keith Erikson “I knew my asana. I knew my pranayama. I’d had amazing meditations My prana was accessible, but I lacked the tools to understand it. Sequoia provided the parameters, gave me the perspective. It’s been almost two years since then and the benefits continue to surface. Life presents precious few opportunities to study with un-corrupted masters. There are countless yoga teacher trainings out there Why not make yours meaningful?” Keith Erikson, Yoga teacher, California

  • Nia-Ceidiog-1024x810 “I am so grateful for the teachings that Sequoia shared with me. I have enough tools to use for the rest of my life. I am more peaceful after this retreat. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge Sequoia shares.” Nia Ceidiog


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