Get to know Sequoia

Sequoia Henning

Sequoia has been on an incredible spiritual adventure, investing her life into personal growth and development. Her journey has led her to dive deep into the realms of traditional Yoga, healing and massage techniques, sound medicine, and breathing practices.

For over 25 years Sequoia’s life she has been living and immersing herself in the vibrant cultures of India and various parts of South East Asia. After a decade, Sequoia began to share her wisdom while teaching on a Yoga Teacher Training program. With her diverse experiences, embracing different traditions and ways of life, she feels like a global citizen, understanding all beings are wanting the same thing, to be happy and safe.
This understanding has reflected in Sequoia ability to create a safe, respectful and joyful space where people can freely explore their own journeys, feel comfortable to show all aspects of themselves.

Sequoia’s desire is to assist to empower and support others in their awakening to consciousness. It all started when she embarked on a personal healing journey using the power of sound, breath affirmation and an unyielding belief in her ability to heal herself from a serious illness. This transformative experience fueled her passion to guide and inspire those who are ready to make positive changes and take responsibility for their own well-being.

Currently you can find Sequoia, sharing her healing gifts part-time at the Himalayan Salt Cave in Nelson B.C. Whether it’s a group sessions or Individual session, she’s there to create a space for healing and transformation. When she’s not busy spreading light and love, she finds solace in the majestic mountains of the Kootenays. She embraces her joy for music, singing, hiking and being in nature.
Sequoia’s Journey is an inspiration, reminding us all to embrace on our own path of self- discovery and growth. Her dedication to spiritual development, combined with her deep connection to nature, worldly experiences, makes her a true guiding force in the pursuit of healing and inner peace.