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Smoke, drink and then finding YOGA breath In a new perspective

baba smokingSo there I was, travelling solo in India, a young woman at the fresh age of 23, struggling to find my purpose and place in society.  I found myself caught up in the social evils of life like smoking and drinking to avoid looking too deep within. I would always smoke whatever I could, and in India it’s easy to meet many friends who want to join you.  There are “Babas” who have renounced life and wander homelessly, partaking in a lot of smoking chillum.


Aspiration: The Spiritual Fire Within

When we look closely at life it is easy to notice that there is a constant movement and change that gives the world a dynamic sense of being truly alive.  It exists everywhere, hidden within everything, and yet finds its most conscious and spirited expression in humanity.  There is something deep inside us that seeks and aspires, which is curious and filled with an urge to grow, to know, to experience, to live, to become.  Sometimes it feels like a pull, sometimes a push, and at other times it feels like an intense, blazing fire deep within us.  It is, at our core, the very thing which animates us humans, and yet also gives a certain quality of liveliness, spirit, and evolution in the animal, in plants, in all of nature, in the atoms and cells, and even in the motions of the cosmos.  Everything in this Universe seems to be going somewhere.  One can feel it.  We are moving forward, towards Something, even though we may not know at times what ‘forward’ means, or what that great Something is.  It is easy to see in the flowing water of rivers, in the eventual blossoming of a flower from a seed, in the physical and spiritual growth of a child, and in humanity’s slow progression through the Ages – in our thoughts and feelings, our failures and triumphs, our death and rebirth. (more…)

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