Need Direction, Inspiration or Accountability?

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in life or not sure what direction to take? You can see a breakdown of 7 different areas in your life, the blank one is there for you to fill in what might best suit you. Do you need balance in any of the areas mentioned and not sure where to start? Sometimes having a coach who is not in the situation can assist you on the journey.

Are you Ready?

To make a commitment to yourself?

To make change?

For a balanced life?

To be supported?

Show up fully in your life?

If you shared YES to the questions then you are ready for the next step, which is to work together. If you are ready to be supported and help your life. Contact me and let’s see if we are a match to work together with a complementary 20 min session.

In a coaching session, the client does most of the talking. There is an intention set for the session and what goal(s) they want to reach.

It could be new job, change of life style or relationship. Through a series of questions, to help direct the client achieve their goal, What changes and actions need to take place. 

Click here to set up an appointment. 

Most coaching sessions are 45-60 min long

Sequoia offers a complimentary 20 min session before making any commitments. 

Making sure we are a good fit for each other. 

One 60 min session is $125 Package sessions available for 3 session for $333

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