The intention for each of our programs is to provide a sacred space where we may offer experiential wisdom to nourish the soul paired with practices that inspire you. We believe that this sacred process assists an opening of the heart that you may remember that your essential purpose in life is to find a path that allows you to live your life Feeling Soul Good.

Feeling Soul Good is a collective group of devoted yogi(nis) who passionately live life inspired by the teachings of yoga, healing and sound. After years of experience, daily practice and continuing study, we come together to share with you the simplicity, joy and love found in living our passions. We hope to inspire others to find an integrated connection of mind, body and spirit which we believe provides a solid foundation for a life lived in balance, harmony and joy. We invite you to listen to your truth and find the courage to follow it. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how you’re doing it. Just like each plant in the forest we all have a unique purpose. When we listen to the individual song that opens our hearts, we offer a gift of joy to our own selves and in turn to the world.

Alchemy:  A magical process of transformation found in creation. Knowledge is power. With this power we wield a tool that helps us to form a new perspective which in turn creates a new way of living. Tap into the power within you to change your point of view and create anything you choose. Transform the old into new. There are many ways to ignite this alchemical transformation: yoga, sound, meditation, healing and ceremony are only some of the techniques we share.

Yoga has inspired, guided and helped to heal the lives of millions of people, enabling them to make positive changes, find a deeper connection to the self and live life Feeling Soul Good. Through the practice of the Yoga teachings beyond the Asanas we are equipped to return to our essential nature one breath at a time always gifting us to the present of here and NOW.

Sound is vibration. Vibration is energy in the form of frequency. Everything in this world holds a frequency. Some vibrations are audible and others inaudible. We can explore our inner world of subtle vibration through various meditation , Pranayama, chakra tuning, exercises. This type of practice builds conscious awareness and enhances our connection to all of creation. Another way we use sound is for healing and transforming blocked energy held with in our cellular, emotional and physical bodies. Some of the tools we use for this form of healing are sounding, toning, mantras, instruments, positive thoughts, and intentional words. The use of sound consciously allows us to be an instrument to transmit our presence found in the breath, found in love and gratitude.

We present you with a door to open. We give to you a spark of what is light to us gained through knowledge and personal experience which we believe can guide you through the darkness of illusion. We will not tell you what you should see or which way is right for you. Instead we will equip you with the tools to listen to your own heart and develop an inner guidance to find the unique path that makes you Feeling Soul Good.

Yoga Teacher training

Yoga Teacher training


Pranayama training

Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Upcoming Events

Sound Healing  Journey
 Feb 8, 15,22,2014

Sound Healing Trainings  
Rishikesh, Feb 19-21 2014

Pranayama Intensive – Sacred Breath
Rishikesh, April 13 –  May 03, 2014

Turning in of Consciousness FIve day silent retreat 
Vancouver Island, July 10-15, 2014


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