Sound Healing Mentorship

What is a Sound Healing Mentor and Benefits?

An experienced Sound Practitioner can provide invaluable support and guidance to someone beginning their journey, or for those want to branch out in different aspects of Sound Healing they have yet touched upon yet.Having a mentor is being able to ask questions when feeling uncertain, given one to one support and be able to share your experiences with.   

Sound Healing Mentor Benefits:

Feel support and assitanced on your Sound Healing journey. Learn the fundamentals, theory and practice. 

  • How to create Sacred space for a Sound Bath
  • How to facilitate a personal / couples or group Sound healing
  • The art of facilitating a group space vs an individual
  • Reach new goals and expand your knowledge
  • Enhance confidence and effectiveness
  • Expanding your skill set using various sound tools and techniques
  • Feedback and reflections
  • Accelerate professional and personal growth
  • Accessing a supportive community



                                    Knowledge is Power, and Gifts Self Empowerment

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