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Sacred sound healing journeys and workshop

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 Sound healing journey’s and workshop 
  Rishikesh , India  
Sound journeys Feb 15, 22 2014
Sound healing workshop Feb 19, 20 , 21
Join a unique opportunity to learn more about the unseen power of vibration for healing your self and others. In a mix of theory and practical application.
Sound healing journey
A sound healing journey is takes one to a deep state of relaxation through the power of sound. Various instruments are used, that include the voice, didgereedo, Native drum, Gong, Tibetan bowl, flute, rattles and mouth harp. The sounds takes one into a deeper state of relaxation influencing the subconscious, to take in the “Intention” we all personally set before the journey starts,similar to yoga nidra or hypnotherapy. Its almost a guarantee that one will feel more relaxed and calm after a one hour sound journey.
 Sound healing workshop 
This workshop will be a total of 11 hours one on the first day , with 5 on the other two days. Join in a sound healing journey to experience first hand how powerful sound effects your mind and body. We each learn in different ways so this workshops is a mix of theory and practical application
  • The power of vibration ~ from science to spirit
  • The unseen world of vibrations ~ chakras corresponding with our emotions 
  • How to raise your personal vibrations ~ your personal frequency 
  • Open and release your voice ~ healing your self and others 
  • The magic of mantras ~ the sound of the soul 
  • Toning and transforming energy~ the power of sound in tone
$250 Included with this sound healing workshop
Contact us through email or call to register 09760132155


. Call or email Sequoia to register: 9760132155,