Sequoia Henning

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International Yoga student and teacher, facilitator of healing, sound, and ceremonies

Sequoia has been living, studying and teaching internationally for more than 15 years mainly in S.E. Asia with India being the most frequented. Influenced by her passions and love for the teachings of Yoga, Buddhism, and Indigenous cultures of North/South Americans and Sound healing.

Her life has been and continues to be a consistent cultivation of her spiritual development, from her personal experiences, practice and ongoing study. Her core values shine through in her teachings and healings with integrity, truth, compassion and humor.

Sequoia’s passion for life was heightened through her personal self-healing journey from an illness that she healed her self. Now Sequoia shares through inspiration, encouragement, and self-healing tool for others to help re-remember the power to change is from the inside out. It all starts by cultivating love for one self, taking responsibility and having gratitude for life.

Life’s Enriching Experiences

Life’s Enriching Experiences

~ Sequoia began her spiritual practice consciously in her teenage years, while searching for a deeper answer in life by secretly attending chakra meditations and crystal healing classes, and spiritual development.

~In her early twenties while on a Canada World Youth Exchange to India, she was exposed to village life while assisting with building of a homeopathic dispensary for a small village . This journey to India expanded her mind and spirit more largely than words can express. After this experience, her perception in life widened as the door of awareness continues to expand. This is also the beginning of her Yogic path.

~ In her late-twenties Sequoia spent almost half a year in a small remote village in Sri Lanka, facilitating a water project for a very poor village. This is where the seeds of Buddhism were introduced, among many other priceless gifts. Living in the mountain with the local people, and having to walk one mile to take a shower in a water fall nestled in the tea plantation’s all were part of changing perception’s for her.

~ In her thirties Sequoia was diagnosed with Crohns /Colitis disease. ( she never adopted any label and they kept changing the diagnoses.) She made a conscious choice to heal herself, knowing that the power to do so is within. After being told that her case was one of the worst ever witnessed amongst the medical profession, Sequoia healed herself by her conscious choice of believing she could, and with tools of Pranayama (breathing); visualization; affirmations; sound healing; starting to look within and her suppressed emotions, listening to her guidance and having the courage to cultivate a loving relationship with herself.

~After her healing, life has been about self-discovery, and cultivating the attitude of gratitude. The famous saying “Begin within” has been a daily practice. After 8 years of running her own holistic healing business in Canada, she now lives and teaches yoga, sound healing, The Alchemy of Sadhana, and leads ceremony. Sequoia continues to follow her heart. She lives and teaches internationally sharing her time between India, Thailand and Bali

~Sequoia invests time each year in meditation retreats, in a Buddhist monastery or ashram to deepen her personal practice and self-reflection. Her influences are reflected in her Buddhist and Yogic studies, and her First-Nations ancestry. Through this influence she is deeply connected to ceremony, ritual connecting with the elements and changes of seasons, and the cycles of the Moon.

Knowing we are here to learn and grow from all of our experiences in life helps awaken our consciousness to simply re-remember our god/goddess self. When we can see this within ourselves, its easy to see it in another.

Her yoga journey started 1993 while in northern India. Needing discipline, Sequoia went to an ashram in Rishikesh, India and did yoga for six solid weeks – twice daily in the morning at the Shivanada Center with Swami Krishna, an 82-year-young yogi; and in the afternoon with Swami Gi, studying Iyengar yoga. It was during this time that Sequoia entered the yoga path, which enabled her to completely give up her smoking and drinking addictions. Since then, her life has never been the same.

Sequoia is so grateful for the teaching of yoga, and for all of her teachers. She has found a deep inner seed of contentment and joy that continues to grow through living the teachings of Yoga.

Yoga of Sound (Nada Yoga)

Her knowledge has been an interwoven and ongoing evolution of expansion, taking bits and pieces from various workshops and teachers such as Tom Kenyon, Mitch Nuir, Lisa Murphy, Gina Sila, Uma Gi, Sadhvi Abha Saraswati (Mataji), the Gundhacha brothers and other teachers .


  • Sound healing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
  • Level 1 & 2 Chair Massage
  • Level 1 & 2 Reiki
  • Level 1 Acutonic Tuning Forks
  • Shiatsu
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
  • Intuitive Healing Course
  • Co-counselling
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Pranayama Teacher Training


“I first met Sequoia in Kelowna, B.C , Canada 2005. She is an encouraging workshop facilitator, a talented masseuse, sound healer, and an inspirational, wise woman.  I am thankful for her teachings in my first official lessons on the subtle body of the Chakras.

Her presentation of the profound materials and interactive teaching methods allowed me to become more aware of the connections within and around myself.  Sequoia’s understanding of vibrational sound and healing touch has allowed me to walk away from her treatments feeling happy to be me.   She is a positively unique human being and I am thankful to have been impacted by her.”

Neil – Nurse from Canada
I am forever grateful to have met Sequoia. She has such incredible knowledge, teachings, and energy. Sequoia was one of my teachers on a one month yoga teacher training course in India, and from the very first Pranayama class we had with her, I felt I had encountered a very unique and powerful teacher. During my time in India I was lucky to experience Sequoia’s yoga classes, sound healings, and ceremonies. Her understanding and insight into yoga and spiritual exploration are matched by her passion for sharing them with others. And her sense of humour is infectious! I have not stopped telling people about the “things I learned from Sequoia”, and I look forward to the day I can see this incredible teacher again.”
Amy – Student from Australia
“Sequoia is the physical embodiment of light and joy. She lives her passion and shares her gifts with incredible generosity. Wise beyond her years, she exudes confidence and a peacefulness that is magnetic and inspirational. Events featuring Sequoia are never to be missed. Give yourself the gift of love.”


Colette – Teacher from Canada
“My experience with Sequoia goes beyond the weeks during teacher training in Goa, India. A people-person with a huge heart, Sequoia is always inspirational and loving. Her sound healing sessions brought me beyond what I knew and was absolutely life-changing for myself and many others. Every lesson with Sequoia is an ‘awareness adventure’ , beyond the 5 senses and deep into the oceans of our souls. Through chanting and Pranayama sessions, I’ve attained a better knowledge of my inner body and started to believe in the amazing effects P has on my body. Before I met Sequoia, Pranayama didn’t mean anything more than just breathing in and out. Now I know it is more than just normal breathing, it is life energy and sort of like a ‘yoga for the breath or inner body’. I always feel like I had a ‘inner workout’ after a 90 min session of Pranayama. Now, it has become part of my regular practice and I hope to pass on what I learnt to many others.”
Yun – Stewardess from Singapore
“I love the way you teach Pranayama and meditation, your endless wisdom of the chakras, and amazing sound journeys all with such passion and a beautiful blend of humour, knowledge , acceptance and wisdom. Thank you for being one of my enjoyable teachers.”


Karen – Nurse from South Africa
“Sequoia is the Best! I’ve met her several years ago, she’s not often in town, but when she is, i always book a session and join in what ever she if offering, her chanting, breathing classes or an amazing  massage.  Sequoia listens to your body and she easily tunes into your body, and with different techniques and sound tools give the body what it needs at this time. A great experience to feel good and rejuvenated.  In her inspirational courses I have learnt so much from her. She shares so much knowledge and wisdom. Sequoia is very passionate about what she shares and you can see she lives what she teaches. She has always an answer for your problems and she shares the greatest story’s! I just feel love for her. Sequoia is a real earth angel.”


Monica – Baker from Canada
I have been blessed to receive many massages from Sequoia in the past.  It seems like she’s improving more each time I receive another session from her, if that’s possible.   I am always left feeling so completely relaxed and renewed each time.  She has a wonderfully gentle, but firm touch that expresses her compassion and confidence she holds while massaging.  I appreciate how she intuitively incorporates sound healing and other traditions she has learned within each session for the best possible results.   These have been the best massages I have ever received anywhere and so look forward to the next one. This woman is definitely a gifted healer.
Dianna, from Kelowna BC, Canada:
“Sequoia Henning is a unique and boundless healer who has the infinite ability to change your life forever. She captures your mind, spirit and body from the timeless moments you spend with her. As a professional from the corporate world of 15 years, i have been transformed by her special influence and profound insight into spirituality, Pranayama, chanting, sound healing, meditation and the chakras. I found a tremendous wealth of compassion, warmth, kindness, and respect from Sequoia, and highly recommend her. She is a beautiful force of nature, light and replenishment for the soul. Thank you Sequoia for being a treasure of many talents to help guide us all to higher ground in our lives.”


Jennifer – Marketing from Toronto ON, Canada
It’s very hard to put into words the impact meeting Sequoia has had on my life. It was a big one though & offered me guidance & support through a time of challenging transformation in my life. She opened my eyes, my mind & my heart. I see things so differently now & have a fresh perspective on life & our entire being. I feel empowered, grateful & like my awareness of this incredible universe is slowly growing bit by bit every day, allowing more moments of clarity, presence and joy. I will always be grateful for our meeting & hope very much that our paths cross again so I can continue to learn from and be inspired by this wonderful lady.


Vassoulla – Marketing from London, UK

Naomi Prema Devi


Naomi Prema Devi has been teaching and intensely studying yoga for over eight years. Originally from New Zealand, she was introduced to spirituality at a very young age by her parents who meditated everyday. Naomi is a 200hr+ Kundalini Yoga teacher and a 500hr+ Agama yoga teacher (an Integral based Hatha that focuses on chakras and the subtle bodies). Naomi has taught internationally in India, Thailand, USA, New Zealand and Canada. Most recently she co-runs the Vancouver Agama yoga branch (, and teaches at the University of British Columbia yoga club in Canada. She loves sharing her extensive knowledge of Chakras with students, through asana, theory and most importantly direct experience. Her classes give students an opportunity to go deep into the subtleties of yoga and meditative aspects, allowing them to connect to their their inner truth, consciousness, and bliss. She is humbly grateful to share the sacred practice of yoga with you. Read more about Naomi at



Gangesha Chaitanya


Gangesha Chaitanya was born in the Indian state of Karnataka in 1980. He became a disciple of a High Lama at the tender age, and from that moment onwards he has being dedicating his life to the investigation of the nature of mind.
He studied with highly accomplished masters belonging to different traditions; Hinduism and Buddhism were fertile fields of spiritual research and experience for him. He was a disciple of the well known Swami Rama, just to name one, and once he was even a Naga Sadhu in order to discover the secrets of practices which can be revealed only to the adepts.
A typical trait of Gangesha is his authenticity and genuine passion for a joyful life.
His faith is strong and tangible and it permeates every aspect of his teachings. The worship of Nature is one of the main characteristics of his style, as well as the insistence upon the importance of building a loving relationship with our own minds, a “romantic inner dialogue”. According to him, in fact, our minds need love, patience, acceptance much more than a child or a lover would. We should be spending time daily in understanding our mind and training it lovingly.
Gangesha works systematically. He teaches how to approach life in a holistic way, giving useful and practical directions to the new practitioners about how to nurture and train the body in a way that will bring results on a mental and spiritual level too, and the result is almost mathematical. In fact, his experience is broad and variegated and it encompasses diet, ayurveda, naturopathy, anatomy, physiology, meditation, pranayama and Transforming yoga, including the most ancient ones, such as for example Kundalini Yoga.
He helps his students to reprogram their approach towards life and shows them the way towards a state of steady inner joy. He believes that once we completely remove deep rooted fears, anxiety and ego, then we will know “The Art of Joyful Life” and we will be able to rediscover ourselves via the Self and through the Self, that which is Truth, Consciousness and Beauty.


Safah was blessed to discover yoga nearly fifteen years ago, and her love of this guiding light only continues to blossom and mature.  Determined to learn and respect yoga from an Eastern perspective, she received her RYT 200 in Classical Hatha from Life Mission in Gujurat, India.  It was here she experienced a practice of deep austerity and exploration into yogic philosophy.  She later returned to India to complete her RYT 500, specializing in chakras, pranayam, mantra and meditation.

To balance herself in a western anatomically focused method, she certified in the Core Strength Vinyasa method by Sadie Nardini, and has been heavily influenced by the Dynamic Yoga methods of Godfrey Devereaux.  She is experienced in skillfully guiding students through the YTT experience, having co-taught nearly ten intensives, and has over 4000 hours of teaching experience.  She travels globally all year joyfully teaching in North America, Asia and Europe.

Safah has over nine years experience working with the subtle bodies and chakras as an energy intuitive and certified practitioner of Pranic Healing.  Currently, Safah has been exploring the teachings of non-dualism and the facinating world of darkness retreat.

Her teaching philosophy is to motivate and inspire through kindness and compassion.  To use the discipline of yoga as a vehicle to purify the body/mind so greater states of consciousness and levels of truth may be realized.