Thankgha Paintings

Chet now in prison

             There are millions of innocent people put in prison for a crime they did not commit and Chet Bahadur is one of those million.

For the past 5 Years we have been supporting Chet Bahadur, a Monk from the boarder of Nepal and Tibet. He was in robes since the young aoge of 17 yrs old. When you meet him this is obvious as he spent more then 30 years in robes, through his compassion , and kindness is what shines from his whole being. He now is serving a life sentence after he was set up for drugs, over 10 years ago. He now calls Bangwang prison, in Thailand  his home, with hopes to be free again.

The prison conditions in Thailand are very harsh, they are dirty, overcrowded, and treated completely inhuman.

He is a gifted painter, mainly in Buddhist paintings that depict various Gods, and Goddess in the Buddhist tradition. Upon request he has now opened to a wider variety of God/dess in the Hindu tradition. All of his paintings are infused with mantras, truly a Divine work of art. He can paint anything you give him a picture of.

Chet has very few visitors, and little contact with the out side world. If anyone cares to assist him, we/ he will be grateful as he has no family support.  His mother is in a nunnery some where and has lost touch with her and his father died.

I help him through the sale of his paintings he gets 100% of the money so he can continue to live in jail. Let us know if you are interested in supporting his cause by purchase of a painting or making donation.

The Paintings 

  •  Each painting takes around 3-4 months depending on the size.                                                                                                                                              
  • He has to pay 4 times the amount for the paint and canvas so in the end he doesn’t make very much for what he puts into each painting.              
  •  All the money goest to Chet to help him survive in prison. Each painting varies in price., yet average cost is $275 plus shipping


  • Special orders are accepted ..


Chet in robes before prison

 Write to Chet directly:

Chet Bahadur Ghalan,

Bangkwang Prison,Building number 6,

117 Nonthaburi Road, Nonthaburi, 11000. Thailand