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Subtle Body training webs

The Psychology of the Chakras Keys to Self-Love & Empowerment   

108 hour study of the Subtle bodies

Learning about the Chakras and the subtle bodies is like reading a trusted roadmap,  which assist you to not only review your life, it gives you tools to make a meaningful changes in a holistic way – on the body, mind and spirit level. This is a self-development course designed to  transform your life step by step by radically raising your consciousness and exploring new healing avenues that you didn’t even know existed within you.

This is a an inward journey into the psychology of the chakra system through theory, self-study and practical applicati

Oct 27 -Jan 26th, Various Sundays & a few weekdays per month.   


The Sadhana of Sacred Sounds and Silence Retreat

March 12-20, 2021  Bali, Indonesia 

Slow down and be still, listen to the sounds. Cultivate awareness to the outer silence creates inner silence: the mind becomes still. A portal is opening up.

*This retreat will offered in English and translated into Japanese.

Are you ready to slow down, relax and rejuvenate in a fun, healing, harmonizing, and loving way?

Imagine your classroom alongside the sea of lush green rice fields, waking up with the sun in a quiet village away from the centre of Ubud. Starting each day in a conscious, focused and mindful way with daily Sadhana (spiritual practice), including meditation, mantras, asana, pranayama, ceremony, and song.

Igniting an interwoven tapestry of awareness adopted from various yogic and shamanic practices that contribute to the rising of our vibrations.


Yoga of Sound

Reclaim your VOICE, embody your WORTH & give permission to EXPRESS instead of impress.

Tuesdays 7:00 -8:30 pm Oct 15, 29, Nov 12, 26 ,Dec 10  $20

Vocal Exploration Includes: Organic sounds ~ Mantras ~ Humming ~ Songs ~ Improv ~ Affirmation ~  Intention

303 Vernon, Nelson B.C

The Yoga of Sound is an opportunity to deepen your relationship to subtle energy and mindfulness. Through various vocal exercises include, toning, singing, improve, or reciting the Indian Scale. A constant An inner dance of creating sounds and returning back into silence with observation of the cause and effects of the practice. These practices are adopted from the practice of Nada Yoga, which mean, the Yoga of Sound.

These classes will assist to:

-Awaken your understanding and connection to subtle energy

– Heighten your mindfulness

– Transform blocked energy

-Tune into your inner expression

-Generate release feel good hormones

-Build internal energy

-Help invoke states of meditation

This deep, loving process supports you to express your naked voice and witness the transformative potential, vocal power holds.

The Healing Power of Sound


“My experience with Sequoia goes beyond the weeks during teacher training in Goa, India. A people-person with a huge heart, Sequoia is always inspirational and loving. Her sound healing sessions brought me beyond what I knew and was absolutely life-changing for myself and many others. Every lesson with Sequoia is an ‘awareness adventure’ , beyond the 5 senses and deep into the oceans of our souls. Through chanting and pranayama sessions, I’ve attained a better knowledge of my inner body and started to believe in the amazing effects pranayama has on my body.”

Stewardess, yoga teacher from Singapore

“Sequoia is the physical embodiment of light and joy. She lives her passion and shares her gifts with incredible generosity. Wise beyond her years, she exudes confidence and a peacefulness that is magnetic and inspirational. Sound events with Sequoia are never to be missed. I love where I go from one of her sound journeys.”

School Teacher from Canada

“I am forever grateful to have met Sequoia. She has such incredible knowledge, teachings, and energy. Sequoia was one of my teachers on a one month yoga teacher training course in India, and from the very first pranayama class we had with her, I felt I had encountered a very unique and powerful teacher. During my time in India I was lucky to experience Sequoia’s yoga classes, sound healings, and ceremonies. Her understanding and insight into yoga and spiritual exploration are matched by her passion for sharing them with others. And her sense of humour is infectious! I have not stopped telling people about the “things I learned from Sequoia”, and I look forward to the day I can see this incredible teacher again.

Student from Australia

“I first met Sequoia in Kelowna, B.C , Canada 2005. She is an encouraging workshop facilitator, a talented masseuse, sound healer, and an inspirational, wise woman.  I am thankful for her teachings in my first official lessons on the subtle body of the Chakras.  Her presentation of the profound materials and interactive teaching methods allowed me to become more aware of the connections within and around myself.  Sequoia’s understanding of vibrational sound and healing touch has allowed me to walk away from her treatments feeling happy to be me.   She is a positively unique human being and I am thankful to have been impacted by her”

Nurse & Acupuncturist from Canada

“Sequoia, gives abundance of wisdom and knowledge, passion and love. Which effected me deeply in all my relationships in my life, through her words teaching and sounding, which I didn’t truly realize until a few months after returning home from Bali. It’s been a blessing”

Yoga teacher from USA

“Sequoias Pranayama course helped me learn more about my self, increase my confidence, stay centered. I have deepened my pranayama practice, and realize how deeper the yoga philosophy really is”

Psychologist from USA

“My experience with Sequoia and her team was much more then a Yoga training it was a journey. I loved everything about the training and would highly recommend the training to everybody, it changed my life with such a positive impact” Sequoia is an amazing teacher with an endless wealth of knowledge. She creates a sacred space, which is safe, healing and filled with love

Student from Canada

“I would totally recommend this training for everyone. I learnt so much about myself. I learnt yoga is not a sport but it is a way of life. Sequoia, displays this as a living example. I am so happy that now I know how to properly get into and out of each posture”

Architect from Mexico

“I have learnt so much from Sequoia,  the main teaching I learnt is how to listen to myself. I loved everything I have learnt as there is really so much content covered”

Doctor From New Zealand

“Meditation has been practiced since antiquity in numerous religious traditions and beliefs. Since the 19th century, it has spread from its origins to other cultures where it is commonly practiced in private and business life. Meditation may be used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and increasing peace, perception and wellbeing.”

New Moon Manifestation


Play Sample

The Heart of Oneness


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Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones


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Affirmations for Self Love

Self-Love Affirmations

Play Sample

Grounding Back to Source

Grounding Back to Source

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Take a moment to relax and treat yourself, listen to one of the sample meditations above, or click below to see all the meditations we have available.

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