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Live Life Feeling Soul Good

We live in a vibratory world. Our thoughts, emotions, and words all contribute to our energy field. When we become conscious of what we invest in vibrationally, we begin to live a more conscious life. Pain is inevitable, yet suffering is a choice. Now is the time to become a deliberate creator of the world you live in. If you wish to make changes, it requires the willingness and the belief that you can.

Inner alchemical practices, such as Sound Healing, Conscious Breathing, Traditional Yoga, Ceremony, and being present with Nature, provide us the tools we need to start the change from the inside out. These practices can tap into the inner powers of transformation. It can feel like dark clouds (metaphorically) being lifted from your heart and mind, allowing your inner light to shine. These practices help you feel inspired to begin to live your life with purpose. The interweaving of these traditional ancient practices awakens your Spirit to help you live your life Feeling Soul Good.

The Yoga Of Sound New Years Eve Retreat
Bali, Indonesia, December 27, 2018 – January 03, 2019

When our voice becomes an offering through the unity of Spirit and Breath, the alchemy of Presence brings us back into the oneness of the Heart.

This retreat is an opportunity not only to free your voice but to help open up and transform years of stuck energy from the suppression we all felt growing up and that some of us still live in. Connect the conscious stream of your breath with the freedom of your voice as it opens your heart.

This retreat promotes presence and awakening of consciousness: a journey into the realms of subtle energies.

Sounds include: Mantras ~ Toning ~ Singing ~ Vocal Play

Complimentary Practices Include:
Pranayama ~ Asana ~ Yoga Nidra ~ Mudras ~ Bandhas ~ Breathwork ~ Meditation ~ ~ Concentration ~ Consciously connecting to the elements

Wise Women Retreat
Bali, Indonesia, February 18-28, 2019

Embrace and Embody your Strength, Wisdom and Change

You are invited to stand tall and reclaim your inner power and strength. Each of us has a story that shapes who we are yet does not limit us to who we can become. The power of our life reflects our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.

We are changing in every moment. Tap into your inner wisdom and guidance and set a clear intention about what you wish to change in Bali with us.

This Retreat offers:

Ceremonies, Meditation, Asana, Pranayama, Mantras, Journaling, Singing, Chakra awareness, Sharing circles, and Emotional Freedom Technique (healing modality).

The Sadhana of Sacred Sounds and Silence
Bali, Indonesia, March 4-11, 2019

This retreat will be also translated in Japanese.

More details coming soon.

Awakening Self-Love
Bali, Indonesia, March 17-23, 2019

Remember your-self worth. To fully embrace your wholeness requires the ability to love all that you are. Through nature, we harmonize with its electromagnetic waves which reflect our being that tunes us back into a harmonic state which opens the heart and brings us back into wholeness.

Allow the Earth to nurture you. The healing Waters to cleanse your bodies, The Fire to illuminate your soul and the unseen air that binds all life through each breath we breathe to unite us back into the heart of Spirit.

Let the stillness teach you and help open your heart as you remember you are and have always been, perfect, whole and complete.

The retreat includes: Meditation, affirmations, mantras, asana, breathing, Emotional Freedom techniques,self-enquiry and ceremony with each element.

Sound Healing Training

The Next upcoming Healing with Sound  Training is  Oct 12, 13, 14 , 2018,  11:30 – 4:30 pm A total of 15 hours over 3 hours. Location to be announced Nelson or Winlaw B.C

  • The power of vibrations: From science to spirit.
  • The micro and macro: the invisible connection of life.
  • Emotions: the unseen world of your guidance system.
  • Free your voice: tune into your most powerful instrument to heal yourself and others.
  • Tibetan Bowls: how to use the bowls for healing yourself and others.
  • Sound Tools: rattles and drums.
  • Mantras: the voice of your soul
  • Toning: transform energy blocks through toning in various parts of your body.
  • The four levels of sound:  explore the various realms of vibration

From the beginning of time, all Indigenous and ancient cultures all over the world have used the element of sound. These Peoples have employed sound for healing, invoking spirits, ceremony and transforming consciousness. Some of the methods used have been with the voice, rattles and drums among many other instruments.

  • If you would like to sign up for the course sign up today as space is limited.

Breath Coach


 It might sound silly to think of having someone coach your breathing, right? If you’re not breathing, you would not be alive, right?

After a decade of teaching pranayama and yoga trainings, as well as two decades of personal daily yoga practice, including both Pranayama and conscious-connected breathing, I realise that regardless of how much practice we have, we all have that potential moment to fall into unconscious patterns triggered by stress. As soon as we have this experience it instantaneously affects the breathing and activates the fight-or-flight nervous system. This, in turn, ignites a stream of stress hormones, which impact our physical and mental state of being. The body is a mirror to our nervous system. There is no outer switch to the system; it works from the inside out. When we are stressed or holding incoherent emotions (fear, doubt, anger, etc.), this turns on the sympathetic nervous system, affecting the proper functioning of all the body’s systems. This includes your breathing.

My breath coaching supports any and all persons, regardless of previous yoga or breathing experience. I support those who want to make changes in their life but feel stuck, those who want to heal themselves (it worked for me!), or to cultivate more awareness and peace in life.

For when we breath deeper, the whole body not only gets oxygenated, but it also helps provide nourishment to the cells and, in turn, our body. It’s the way we can turn on the inner switch to the parasympathetic (rest-and-repair) nervous system. Just reflect on when you’re feeling stressed compared to how your body feels after taking a deep breath.

All sessions are available through Skype or in person. A complimentary 20-minute consultation is offered to all those interested.

Various packages are available to choose from.

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