3 Simple Sound Healing Methods to Raise Your Personal Vibration

Do you need an energy boost? Do you suffer from anxiety? Ready to remove depression? Or you simply wish to create a natural high vibe?

Here are some great tools to lift you mentally and energetically. Best of all of these are simple tools, which are completely free.

Practice these 3 simple sound healing methods to raise your vibration 10 minutes every day for one month. You will see amazing transformations. Try one exercise each day and then decide which work best for you.

Prepare for these practices

  1. Sit or lay down and become aware of how you feel in this very moment before the scanning and observing the bodies (physical, energetic, and mental). (This makes it easier to notice the changes afterwards and build awareness of subtle energies.)
  2. Start by letting go and allowing your body to relax. Take at least 3 deep breaths and release all your tensions, pains and worries with audible sighs, feeling them melt out of your whole body.
  3. Now get connected with the various parts of your multi-dimensional self.
  4. Tune into your physical body. Scan from the base up to the crown and back down, continuing to breathe deeply. Notice how the breath moves, how different parts of your bodies feel tight or loose (watching with compassion).
  5. Shift your awareness towards your thoughts, as you repeat the awareness of scanning the bodies. Move the breath from the base to your crown and notice what kinds of thoughts arise. What are your dominating thoughts? Are they positive, negative, or neutral?
  6. Move into your emotional body, repeat the scanning of the body and notice which emotions are dominant. Are there any specific emotions you feel? Where is it held in the body? Just notice with compassion whatever is happening.
  7. Now begin all or one of the practices below. When finished, repeat this exercise to notice the subtle changes.


  1. Toning

    When we use our voice to express, we release built up emotions and tap into the most powerful tool we have: the voice. This specific toning exercise helps to open our heart.

Sound Healing methods to raise your vibration toning

Use the power of sound to move stuck energies in the bodies. The use of sounding helps to align energy back into balance on all levels including mental, emotional, and spiritual. Disease is caused by the disharmony of these energies in the bodies.

For this toning practice, we will use the sound “Ah”. It is the first vowel sound.

  1. Close your eyes and breath into your heart before you start. First, notice what feelings or sensations are present for you in the heart since this sound assists to open the heart.
  2. Release with 9 sounds of “Ah”, allowing each sound to penetrate through any blocks, or emotional pains you may carry in this area.
  3. When you are completed, return back to observing the changes felt in the heart.

2. Mantras

Sound Healing methods to raise your vibration

The Sanskrit word Mantra comes from the root word, Manas that refers to the linear thinking mind and Tram means to protect. Summarized, it means a protector for the thinking mind or mind tool.


Mantras are another of the powerful sound healing methods to raise your vibration by harnessing the excessive thoughts in the mind, build concentration, focus, and increase your energy field.

Our words have the power to harm or heal another. When we use specific mantras, we are tuning into a frequency that has been uttered over aeons. With repetition, we tune into this unseen sonic matrix of power. If you are more skeptical, opening your mind will be in the way of allowing the vibrations and sonic alchemy to work through you.

Aum Gung Ganapatiya Namaha is the mantra. This is an offering to the energy that removes obstacles. Lord Ganesha is the energy that assists with this mantra. It has nothing to do with religion; rather, it is a frequency you are tuning into. You can listen and chant along with it here. It’s simple, yet very powerful and has proven itself many times over the years for me.


As you prepare to chant this mantra, which happens to be through the energy of Ganesha, think about where you are sending these frequencies. Maybe you have a new house, relationship, job or a journey that you are about to venture on. Tune into your heart and make an internal offering to where you wish to send it for a clear path.

Take a few deep heart-felt breaths and then begin to chant the mantra. It can be chanted aloud, whispered, or silent.

I highly suggest if you have a bigger obstacle to remove, to make this a 40-day offering for 108x each day or as often as you can. The more you repeat, the more you feed it and the bigger it grows energetically.

3. Affirmations

As Buddha so eloquently said, “What we think, we become.”

Sound Healing methods to raise your vibration Self-Love Affirmation

It’s the repetition of certain words, which creates our beliefs or dislikes about ourselves. Through the repetition of positive affirmations, we can erase old conditioned beliefs. We are our thoughts and beliefs and when we stop and look at what we are believing we can start to increase our vibration, so we replace thoughts that beat us up with thoughts that build us up.

When we have a thought, it creates an unseen pressure wave that goes into the field of energy, which communicates with the fields of other sentient beings. Sometimes, when we meet another, we feel “good vibes”; other times, “bad vibes.” This reflects what we are thinking and feeling. We communicate with one another through energy much faster than words. His Holiness the Dali Lama, for example, has a huge energy field, which is felt for miles.

One of the most common beliefs worldwide is, “I am not good enough”, “I am not worthy enough.” The lack of self-love is clearly apparent in addictions.

I love and approve of myself just the way I am.

I am worthy of all that I am.

I am perfect, whole and complete.

If these affirmations are not best suited for you, create your own using words in the present tense. Repeat them as often as you can, until it replaces the old beliefs.


Now become aware of how you feel at this very moment after the exercises and notice the changes as you scan through each body like you did at the beginning.

If you would like to learn more about sound healing methods to raise your vibration, join Sequoia Henning in Bali in one of her Sound Healing retreats or book a private session. You can also follow Sequoia on her YouTube Channel to learn more about how to live a life Feeling Soul Good using Sound, Breathe, Yoga and Nutrition.