7 Reasons Why Bali Is The Perfect Place For A Spiritual Practice

7 Reasons Why Bali Is The Perfect Place For A Spiritual Practice

The magical island of Bali, Indonesia is aptly named the “Island of the Gods.” This picturesque isle is the perfect place for a spiritual practice, so it is no wonder that hundreds of yoga, meditation, and spirituality classes are offered daily in this enchanting land. It is apparent that the island itself holds a unique feeling as soon as you step off your plane or boat, and the stunning landscapes of Bali add to its enchanting allure. But the true magic of Bali lies in the beauty of its people and the sacredness of their spirituality. Thus, here are seven reasons why Bali is the perfect place for your spiritual practice:

7) Self-Love Is Held In Utmost Importance

Self-love and self-care are more than just luxuries on this beautiful island. Pampering oneself both internally and externally is the norm in this sacred land. Massages and spa treatments are abundant and inexpensive and meditation is practiced by the vast majority of the population. Internal reflection is held in the utmost importance and devotional practices are everywhere you turn. The culture places strong emphasis on caring for each other, but also on caring for oneself to keep a spiritually open and clean body and mind.

6) You Live Simply, Yet Beautifully

children-in-pekilen-bali-1241511-1279x850-1024x681Life in Bali is not super complex. Everything from the design of the accommodations to the design of the culture is kept simple and modest. However, the Balinese know how to beautify even the most mun
dane things. Flower petals (particularly sacred lotus petals) are scattered everywhere you look beautifully designed into Om symbols or art of other spiritual significance. Food is local, seasonal, and simple yet indescribably delectable. The Balinese know that there is truly beauty in simplicity and they follow this mantra with little effort.

5) You Are Amidst Nature

Secluded within the rural heart of the island, you are surrounded entirely by nature in all its glory. Practicing yoga alongside the colorful rice fields and meditating to the sounds of birds singing is utter bliss. If you’re looking for a place to completely disconnect in order to reconnect with nature and yourself, then Bali is the definitive choice. A relatively small island, wherever you may go, you won’t be far from its main hub of Ubud, but you can be far enough away to completely immerse yourself in the magic of Mother Nature.

4) There Is Abundant Silence

ricefield-1452843-639x852Once you walk down the spiritual path, you will immediately notice the importance of silence. Silence is abundant on the Island of the Gods and there is rarely a moment when you cannot retreat into the silence of your own mind. People highly respect meditation and will let you be if they notice you are practicing. It isn’t hard to find yourself completely isolated and alone if you take just a few steps off the beaten path to allow yourself to completely absorb the abundance of peace and quiet that surrounds you.


3) You Are Surrounded By A Devoted Spiritual Culture

barong-1452533-1280x960-1024x768There is a humble devotion that is characteristic to the Balinese people and unlike any other in the world. As you walk down any street, you must zigzag your path to avoid stepping on any of the hundreds of ritual sacrifices that fill the streets. Nowhere will you find such dedicated practitioners of their spiritual faith honoring the values that they preach in their everyday lives. People are kind to one another and treat each other with dignity and respect honoring the sacred greeting of any yogi: Namaste.

2) It Teaches You To Slow Down

The pace of Bali is slow. Perhaps with the exception of the cars and the waves, everything in Bali is slow-paced. A street may shut down for twenty minutes as an impromptu spiritual parade passes by. The wait in a restaurant may be longer than you are accustomed to, but all of this leisure teaches you to really slow down your own pace. You learn to slow your rhythm of breath. You learn that haste does not improve the quality of your life. And you learn that this moment is all that we have: if you rush past it, then there is nothing to savor.

1) It Is The “Island Of The Gods”

bali-temple-1371467-1279x852-1024x683Bali is renown internationally as the Island of the Gods. This name is certainly not coincidental. The spirit of this magical island is simply captivating. From its natural beauty to its genuinely kindhearted people, from its mouth-watering foods to its breathtaking sunsets, Bali is truly a sacred land. What better place could there possibly be to practice spirituality than right on the Island of the Gods in the presence of beauty and devotion? 


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