Individual Sound Healing Session

Sound Healing Sessions

Each session is unique for each individual. In combination with the client’s intention, beliefs, frequency, and sound tools used, as to how a session unfolds. One thing for certain with an open heart and mind the results are 100% aligning one to feel good and harmonious. Sound Healing s a way to transform blocked energy, emotions, and cellular structure. There are two options for a Sound Healing session one is active other is passive. Each session is about 75 min.

Active Sessions

An active session is when the client knows exactly what they want to release in the form of an event, deep wounded emotion (trauma). The incoherent frequency is transformed through a dialogue. Tracking the root of the problem within the body and mind with the use of intention, voice, sound tools and love. The client is fully engaged in this participation.

Passive Sessions

This is usually given when one is in need of balance, support, or rejuvenation. The client simply let’s go and relaxes after the intention is set, and various sound tools are used to rejuvenate and replenish and renew the body by transforming stuck or blocked energy.


Investment $80-90 Sliding scale  for 75 minutes 

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Sequoia is gave me one of the best Sound Healing sessions I have ever received. From her intuitive guidance in an active session, I was able to remove a very old trauma which caused me physical pain for over 20 years. and one session it was transformed. I highly recommend Sequoia as her wisdom, knowledge and presence was displayedout the whole session. Tammy Johnson- Kelowna B.C Canada