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It might sound silly to think of having someone coach your breathing right? If you’re not breathing you would be dead, yet sometimes the world can easily move us out of our centre which has a direct effect on our breathing.

After a decade of teaching and practice pranayama and conscious connected breathing, I have witnessed only positive results mentally, physically and spiritually. No matter how far along the path you are we all have potential moments where we fall into unconscious patterns triggered by stress. When these moments arise, instantaneously our breathing is affected and it activates the fight-or-flight nervous system that releases a stream of stress hormones into our body. The body is a mirror to our nervous system. There is no outer switch to the system; it works from the inside out. When we are stressed or holding incoherent emotions (fear, doubt, anger, etc.), this turns on the sympathetic nervous system, affecting the proper functioning of all the body’s systems. This includes your breathing.

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Breath Coaching Session:

Your choice of Pranayama classes or personal Conscious Connected breath work

The breath is a gateway for personal transformation. It has a direct effect in turning on our inner switch to the rest and relax response in the body. It’s the fastest tool I know, to move stuck and stagnant energy.

A practice called Conscious connected breath work is what has been adopted from an earlier breath practice called rebirthing. Both of these practices share a common link. The breather keeps a continuous rhythmic breath for 15-45 min. As one keeps a regular breath rate, it awakens old thoughts, feeling and emotions. The continuation of breathing helps to move these subconscious stuck energies from our body. It alters consciousness and awakens various brain states.

Private sessions $75

Package of 5 sessions $300

Package of 10 session $500