The Psychology of the Chakras, Keys to Self-Love & Empowerment

Learning about the Chakras and the subtle bodies is like reading a trusted roadmap,  which assist you to not only review your life, it gives you tools to make a meaningful changes in a holistic way – on the body, mind and spirit level. This  is a self-development course designed to  transform your life step by step by radically raising your consciousness and exploring new healing avenues that you didn’t even know existed within you.

This is a an inward journey into the psychology of the chakra system through theory, self-study and practical application.

Topics covered

  • In depth study of the six major chakras
  • Hatha Yoga Asana
  • Prana vayus
  • Pancha Koshas
  • How the Five Elements work within our bodies
  • Learn to transform Emotions.
  • Explore Various Meditations
  • Samkhya Yoga philosophy
  • Pranayama and complimentary practices
  • Yoga Nidra reciving and teaching
  • Nada Yoga (mantra, singing, voice freedom and sound healing)
  • Self and group healing
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Non-violent communication
  • Breath work
  • Ceremonies
  • Business and ethics

Details of the Course

This 108 hour training will be offered over a three month duration.

Program begins on Oct 27, 2019, the New Moon.

Time requirements of the course. 

Sundays for 7 hours 11:00 – 6:00 pm  Oct 27, Nov 3,7,24, Dec 1, 15,  Jan 12, 19,26.   

Thursdays for 3 hours 6:00 -9:00 pm 3or 4x per month. Dates will be posted soon.

Specific dates will be posted soon. No classes over the holiday seasons.

Training takes place at The Moving Center 533A Baker, Street. 

There is 08 hours of practicum/ home study time.



Sequoia Henning is the main facilitator. Sequoia has been teaching International teacher training programs for the last decade in India, Thailand and Bali, the last five years, ran her own school. Sequoia has been studying Yoga for the last 25 years. She used the power of the charkas to heal herself of a serious illness. Going into what emotionally created her disease. She shocked and empressed the doctors who never saw such severe internal photographs.  “Understanding the chakras is a way to empower your life and return back to self-love” Sequoia Henning

Guest facilitators will be announced soon.

What you will take away from this course

  • Understanding how the 7 main charkas funtion
  • The importance of our nervous system and hormonal system
  • Various Pranayama practices
  • Yoga Nidra, including  how to teach
  • Offering  a lecture on one or the complete chakra system
  • How to emotions work in our bodies
  • Finding power through your voice
  • How to create sacred space
  • Honouring  your body
  • Inigiting your willpower

Who this course is for?

Women yoga retreat bali 2019
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, tap into their inner power and make personal changes.
  • Yoga enthuists,  teachers, healers or therapists who have a desire to explore the unseen world of chakras and subtle bodies.
  • Those who are curious about the unseen world of the subtle bodies.


Included in the course

  • Manual
  • Guest Teachers
  • Mala beads
  • Certification upon completion

Early Bird $1500 per person, if registered and paid in full by Sept 20th

Full Price is $1700 per person

A non-refundable $300 dollar deposit is required to reserve your spot. 

Payment plans are available 

How to Register

Click on this button to register.

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