Summer Sessions

Sound Healing

Group Sound Healing sessions in Nelson

Held at the Moving Centre 533 A Baker street. 

July 21, Aug 25, Sept 15, Oct 6,  7:00-8:30  pm 

   $20 per person


The Group Sound Healing sessions have been cancelled in Winlaw



Sound Healing sessions are a journey through various dimensions beyond space and time. Each person’s journey is unique to each session. As no two people hear sound the same. A sound journey helps people with anxiety, stress, and insomnia as it can take the body into a deep state of healing. There will be some initial warm-u using breath or sound before Sequoia begins the session. Instruments used include 20 Tibetan bowls, voice, didge, drum, native flute, bells, shangs, shruti box and gong. Each week will be different so which instruments used will also vary. Private Sound Healing sessions also available.

Breathwork Sessions


Breath Work Sessions are held on Tuesdays at  Bindu studio in Winlaw, B.C

Take note of the various Tuesday nights Breath Work Sessions are held throughout the summer.

June 12 ~ July 03,17 ~ Aug 07,21  Sept 11 ( last one)   All sessions start at 7:00 -8:30 pm

Cost is $15 per person. Bring water, a blanket and yoga mat. There are some yoga mats and blankets available yet not enough for all.

Space is limited to only 12 people. Come early.


Breath work kootaneys

Breath Work Sessions

Breathwork is an opportunity to move stuck emotions, energy and embody more aliveness and vitality. This is an intimate group breathing session offered in a safe, sacred and supportive space. You will be encouraged to gently follow a breath rhythm comfortable for you and never be pushed to go further than you edge. This breathing process has physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Each person and session will be unique to its own. Space is limited, to keep the intimacy of the group. Because this is a sacred space you are invited to be punctual as ten minutes after the start of class the door will be locked until we have 12 people which is full capacity, without disturbing the container we shall co-create. Private sessions are also available.

Awakening your Peaceful Warrior Retreat

Awaken your peaceful warrior

The journey on the mountain September 7, 8, 9th

This exploration will take place on a specific mountain in the Valhalla region of the Slocan Valley.


Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. In overcoming our fears, we can move forward, stronger and wiser.

This adventurous weekend takes place in the wilderness away from the comforts of home, which may invoke some challenges and fears of the unknown. When we move into nature in a Sacred way we tune into the consciousness of this invisible existence.

The warrior walks mindfully, with respect, and connects with all that is from the heart. In turn, the energy reflects the feeling of oneness.

This weekend will help you:

  • Increase the connection between nature and yourself;
  • Overcome fears of the darkness and the unknown;
  • Unite with something greater: an invisible energy that moves through all time and space;
  • Build courage and confidence;
  • Cultivate inner peace of mind;
  • Listen deeper to nature;
  • Thrive in a supportive, encouraging, respectful, small group environment;
  • Transform limitations.

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Sound Healing Workshop

 Sound Healing workshop

Oct 13, 14  

  • The power of vibrations: From science to spirit
  • The micro and macro: the invisible connection of life
  • Emotions: the healing power of connecting sound and emotions to transform these energies
  • Free your voice: learn how to heal yourself and others through tracking the emotional block and releasing it with sound
  • Singing Bowls: how to use the bowls for healing yourself and others
  • Sound Tools: rattles, tuning forks, and bell
  • Mantras: A combination of Hindu and Tibetan chants for abundance, removing obstacles, and the planets.
  • Toning: transform energy blocks through toning
  • The four levels of sound:  explore the various aspects of vibration

Next Sound Healing Workshop is in Winlaw or Nelson B.C TBA

  Oct 13, 14 , 2018,  11:00 – 5:00 pm $333 


The primary focus of a three-day workshop is always the most powerful instrument we have,  the voice. One day is for Tibetan Bowls, the other two days is for the voice, which includes, mantras, toning and how to use the voice for a healing session.