Yogic Breathing and The Vital Keys to Health and Wellness

This course is designed to

Improve your digestion

Cultivate peace of mind

Increase your vitality

Decrease anxiety, insomnia and stress

What is included in this course

In this course, Sequoia will share 7 different kinds of breathing techniques and complementary practices, which correlate with the subtle bodies of our chakra system in combination with videos, PDFs and audio.

Each week we move through a different energy centre and she will share a different breathing practice and vital key to better health.

Included in the course  online breathing course

  • Three videos per week;
  • Bi-weekly live group calls (recorded for later viewing, if you cannot make it);
  • Buddy support – each of you will be partnered up with a friend whom you communicate with one time per week for support and encouragement;
  • A personal 45 min Skype session with me;
  • PDF handouts;
  • 7 Vital keys which compliment making improvements with your health
  • One BONUS guided meditation

The course will begin in the last week of July 2018.

What you will learn on this course

  • Various sitting option
  • How to establish a daily practice
  • The art of breathing properly
  • Increase your oxygen intake
  • Easy way to remove built up carbon dioxide
  • Improve your digestion system by cultivating your inner digestive fire
  • Learn heating, cooling, relaxing, and balancing breathing techniques
  • Discover ancient complimentary practices to build and preserve your inner energy
  • How to calm the mind easy breathing practices
  • Simple breathing practices for insomnia
  • Balance your nervous system
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Increase your ionic intake by connecting to your natural rhythms of the Earth resonance through Grounding
  • Bonus gift of a guided meditation

All through the help of the most accessible
and most powerful tool within you


“Conscious breathing is like turning on the inner switch for peace of mind”

Yogic Breathing and the vital keys to health and wellness is designed to improve your life on every level.

Starting by relaxing the mind which is mirrored into the nervous system to relax the body.


I love the way you teach pranayama and meditation, your endless wisdom of the chakras, and amazing sound journeys all with such passion and a beautiful blend of humour, knowledge , acceptance and wisdom. Thank you for being one of my enjoyable teachers.

Karen Nurse from South Africa

“Sequoias Pranayama course helped me learn more about my self, increase my confidence, stay centered. I have deepened my pranayama practice, and realize how deeper the yoga philosophy really is”

Naya Psychologist from USA

“Doing daily breathing exercises and the complimentary practices has helped get rid of my asthma and remove my anxiety. If every person was introduced to these powerful practices they would recognize the inner ability to heal themself”

Raymond retired from B.C Canada 

Get the Full Yogic Breathing: Foundational Breathing Exercises and Vital keys to maintaining health and wellness.

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