Empowering Shakti Yoga Retreat

Bali, Indonesia, Feb 18-28, 2019

Empowering Shakti Yoga Retreat
Embrace and Embody your Strength, Wisdom and Change

Bali, Indonesia, Feb 18-28, 2019 

When powerful women come together magic happens. By “powerful women” I mean women that have a deep connection with their inner soul. I call that kind of a woman an authentic soul. A woman with an authentic soul can change her environment but a group of women that are authentic souls can change the world. As women, we look at the world with a different view. When we are together we all of a sudden become friends, sister and mentors. We cry, laugh, sing, dance and create lifelong connections.


Imagine all your worries dissolve away as you land on the island of the Gods. You are invited to join us in the richness of Spiritual devotion of Bali. You will witness and take part in ceremonies many spiritual Balinese ceremonies. 

Bhanuswari, our venue, is located 20 min away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud, in a small village. The feeling takes you back in time. You can see the locals carrying their ceremonial offerings, kids bathing in the local streams, both men and women making daily offerings with water, incense and prayer.

Nestled beside the rich green rice fields is where you dip into one of two swimming pools located on site.  Or enjoy your complimentary massage as you hear the distant sounds of the bird songs or gentle stream flowing.

You can just let go as you allow the richness of Bali to nourish your soul and feed your spirit. It’s not just a retreat but a way to expand your heart and mind from a place that touches the souls of all who enter this beautiful island.

From the morning meditation, breathing, mantras or asana, or the daily ceremonies we share with each element – going to the Ocean, a local water temple and being ceremonially blessed by a Balinese priest – you will surely not feel or see yourself or the world you live in the same.

We invite you to stand tall and reclaim your inner power and strength.

Each of us has a story that shapes who we are, yet limits us from who we can become. The power of our life reflects our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. We change with every moment. Tap into your inner wisdom and guidance and set a clear intention about what you wish to change in Bali with us.

This Retreat Offers:

Ceremonies, Meditation, Asana, Pranayama, Mantras, Journaling, Singing, Chakra awareness,

Sharing circles, and Emotional Freedom Technique (healing modality).

Bali Womens retreat feb 2019

From the Tantric Yoga perspective, life is created from the union of opposites. These opposites are known as Shakti, which connects with the Divine feminine energy, and Shiva, the masculine energy which holds consciousness. Together they are the building blocks that create life on both the macro- and micro-cosm.

Our world currently is calling for a balance of these two energies. The Shakti energy needs to rise up and awaken to its full empowerment. It all begins within, through each individual.

This retreat invites women from all parts of Mother Earth to gather and unite our collective Shakti energies. When we accept and embrace our beauty, strength and wisdom we feel empowered, inspired and limitless. Now is the time to transform our pains into an opportunity to learn from our past and now stand tall to reclaim your Shakti energy and embody your inner Goddess.

Allow yourself to feel supported, nourished and connected so you align with your inner balance. From a place of harmony we tap into infinite possibilities, creativity and feel a connection with the Earth and all beings on her; what happens inside reflects the outside.

We call our Sisters of the world to join us, rise up and feel empowered. Your invitation is to unite in this collective celebration through wisdom, acceptance, diversity, peace and love on the island of the Goddess in Bali, Indonesia.

Who is this retreat for?

Womens retreat bali 2019

This empowering retreat is for Women looking to create a toolbox for raising your awareness.

It is especially helpful for anyone feeling stuck, blocked, uninspired, stressed or sick from the pressures and demands of life. This is your opportunity to be inspired and to make changes as you deepen the relationship to your spirit if you are looking to gift back and really nourish yourself, reflect on your life and your inner guidance.

Are you feeling the desire to tap into your personal power, make serious changes in your life? Change cannot happen through the same personal reality as it continues to feed your personality. Now is the time to gift to you, through clear collective intention you will not feel the same about yourself or life after this retreat.

You don’t have to move to a distant mountain and dedicate your whole life to a full-time spiritual practice to feel your connection with Source.

What is included in this retreat?

  • Yogic practices – This empowering retreat moves through one chakra each day in reflection of various yogic practices, including daily meditation, asana, breath work, pranayama, mantras and sharing circles.Feb 2019 womens retreat bali
  • Healing – Change limited beliefs by sharing in a daily healing practice called Emotional Freedom Technique which moves blocked energy, awakens new neurological connections within the brain, and helps to open our heart.
  • Ceremony – Connect deeper into the elements in a conscious and sacred way.
  • Free your voice – Allow suppression to be transformed through the use of sound with toning, mantras, singing and communication.
  • Breathe – Transform your blocks with conscious connected breathing and daily breathing practices of pranayama.
  • Journal – Express your feelings, thoughts and reflections.
  • Rest – Just be with the beauty of nature, the singing of the birds, and the tranquillity of allowing yourself to be nourished.


07:30 – 010:00 Ceremony, Pranayama, Meditation, Asana, Chanting or Singing

010:00 – 11:00 Breakfast

11:00 – 13:00 Talks and practices in connecting with the chakras

13:00 – 13:30 Lunch

14:00 – 16:00 Rest and Recreation

16:00 – 18:00 Practical exercises for each related chakra and element

We will have special excursions to a water temple, the ocean and time to shop in Ubud, which will be put into the schedule at the time of our retreat.

A few nightly meditations, singing, Yoga Nidra and discussions will be offered throughout the retreat.

The above schedule is simply a rough guide and may change. We will reflect our participants’ needs on any given day. We will also go on a few excursions for a water temple, shopping and one excursion to the Ocean. 


Womens Retreat Feb 2019 Bali



Sequoia and Tara have known each other for 20 years and both have been teaching, studying and learning the deeper aspects of Yoga and the subtle bodies of the chakra system.

Sequoia Henning

Wise-women-retreat-Feb-Bali 2019

Tara Esther Kleij


Venue and Accommodations


Join us along the rice fields at Bhanuswari

Yoga retreat in Bali 2018

Food at Bhanuswari


Fresh coconutRetreats in Bali 2019

Fresh fruit platter




Eggs prepared to your preference

Sourdough bread/toast

Green salad



Each day is new local dishes

Coffee/ tea/ juice


Local Indonesian vegetarian cuisine  Womens retreat Feb Bali 2019

Vegetarian soup

Various green salads

Tempeh or Tofu

An eclectic range of various ethnic cuisine which includes, Indian, Italian and middle eastern.

  • Please let us know if you have any food restrictions as the venue does a great job of making sure everyone is satisfied.

What is included in the retreat?

  • Return airport transfer Bali Womens retreat feb 2019
  • 2 vegetarian meals daily
  • Two excursions: to the ocean and  local water temple
  • A choice of use of two swimming pools (one is salt water)
  • Complimentary massage
  • Water temple ceremony
  • Airport transfer
  • One complimentary transportation to Ubud
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited drinking water 2 bottles in room and refilling use
  • The use of yoga mats, bolsters and straps

What is not included:

  • Flight
  • Visa
  • Tips for the staff
Bali new years retreat

Standard Room

Standard Shared is  $1500 $1300USD   Early Bird Prices are in effect until  Nov 30, 2018

Standard Single is $ 1750 USD $1550 Early Bird Prices are in effect until Nov 30,2018

Deluxe twin room

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Shared $1650 $1450 USD Early Bird Prices in effect until Nov 30, 2018

Deluxe Single $1999 $1700USD Early Bird Prices in effect until Nov 30, 2018


Fill out this application and send a $500 non-refundable deposit
or full payment with your application.

Passport And Visas

  • One-month visa upon arrival is given to most countries. Please consult with your closest Indonesian consulate office, if you are not sure. If you wish to extend your stay, plan ahead by purchasing an extra month visa at the airport before you collect your bags. Not purchasing it at that time means you will have to leave the country to renew your visa. You can purchase a one-month visa upon arrival for an extra $30 USD (depending on which country you are from).

Money And Finances

The currency in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah. $10 USD = 120850 IDR. The Indonesia Rupiah can be confusing because there are a lot of 00’s!

Our venue is surrounded by nature and hence there is no ATM. It’s recommended that you take out /change money before leaving the airport.

Foreign currency can be changed at major banks and authorized moneychangers which are all over Ubud.  It is good to carry small notes with you for taxis and tipping. Credit cards are widely accepted in major tourist areas.

A Suggested What To Bring List


  • Meditation shawl and a light sweater or wrap
  • Light rain jacket and cover up or fleece
  • Sturdy shoes for walking/exploring, and flip flops
  • Lighter moveable yoga pants, crops (loose-fitting cotton is best in the humidity of Bali)
  • Skirts and shorts
  • Several tank tops t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts
  • Bathing suit and sarong
  • Pyjamas and undergarments and a few pairs of socks
  • One set of clothes for touring, such as khaki pants or a long skirt.


  • Smaller day pack (can be carry-on luggage in the plane)
  • Yoga mat (they fold well or fit rolled in a large backpack – the retreat centre does have some mats)
  • Small flashlight, combination padlock, and alarm clock
  • Travel money belt in cotton (available at luggage stores)
  • Travel bath towel (not too thick, i.e. quick-drying)
  • Journal and several pens
  • Camera and charger
  • Converter
  • Audio Recorder

For those of you joining us, here is a song we will be sharing together. May it give you inspiration and strength before we meet. Click to hear a beautiful and empowering song