Group Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound Healing  Journeys are unique and are a very easy way to go deep into a state of relaxation, effortlessly.

Each journey will take you to a different destination in mind, body or beyond. The more you are open in mind and body to the experience, the deeper you will be able to let go and allow the sounds to heal on a deeper level.   This heart-based experience offers the participant a journey into the self. Sound Journeys are an effortless way to access deep states of relaxation. We all need more time to rest and relax in this fast-paced world we live in.

Each journey is different to its own. Usually, we all sound together to unify the group energy, and then participants lay down and relax. You only need to be open in heart and mind to receive the various healing sounds that will bathe your body and heal your soul. Various instruments are used including a gong, singing bowls, didgeridoo, native drum, flute, voice, native drum, harmonium, tampura, chimes, zazula & rattles.


Monthly Sound Healing Journeys

Salt Cave Nelson BC

Dec 13th at Nelsons only Salt Cave 

Purchase tickets in advance online $50 per person 7:30-9:00 This will be the last one offered until Spring.

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Dec 7 th at the Moving Center 533A Baker St, Ticket at the door $20 per person 7:00 -8:30 pm 

Last Sound Healing Journey until Spring.

The Healing Power Of Vibration

Everybody needs certain sounds and rhythm for their own personal growth, as this is another reason various instruments are used. Everything we see with our eyes holds a vibration. As like our emotions, organs and thoughts vibrate, this has been recognized in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda. When we use specific sounds on the body, the vibrations move like waves in a still ocean and the sub-particles of the sound go into the areas within our bodies that are in need of healing or harmony.

Like a sponge soaking up blocks of energy in the body can be experienced in a group sound healing or private session. A journey of sound can be compared to hypnotherapy or Yoga Nidra if facilitated correctly, as it influences the subconscious where we are programmed in our beliefs and have the power to change any unwanted belief.

Comments From Participants After A Sound Journey

“I have done Ayahuasca and this was far more powerful”

“I have never felt so relaxed before in my life”

“I had a headache before I came and now it’s completely gone”

“I got the answers I was looking for”

“I am not sure where I went or even what happened yet I feel great”

Investment for groups

Small Group Sessions: $45 per person minimum 7 people

Big Group Sessions $30 per person minimum 11 people

Special Event and Ceremonies please contact Sequoia Directly 

Other Sound Offerings

Sound and Yoga  – 1-hour Experience live music with the facilitation of Sound. Your choice of instruments, mantras or mood to be created through the use of sound.

Guided Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls – 1-hour Enjoy the deepest state of relaxation as you assist the body into rest and renewal in a guided Yoga Nidra accompanied with Singing Bowls.

Empowered Voice class – 2 hours Tap into your most powerful instrument your voice. If you are ready to move and transform years of suppression of your voice, from being told you can not sing, to being told to be quiet. This class gives you all a huge boost of confidence. This class is a lot of fun and can also bring up vulnerability, yet this is how we work through our stuff right?

Magic of Mantras – 2-hour class Discover how you can still your mind through the use of repetition of mantras. 

Prices for these classes depend on the number of people and location. Contact Sequoia for more details 

Sound Healing with didge

Sound is a carrier wave for intentions

Using sound with an intention (energy travelling in the direction of your thoughts) directs sound waves that go into the body to heal, transform, and transmute energy. Sound and vibration effects everyone individually based on their spiritual connections and emotional body as well as previous and present life experiences. What sounds good to one person may not sound good to another. More people are starting to awaken and realize that their lives can be changed, that we have the power to change simply through the vehicle of choice and the desire to create. One can reform old limited belief patterns and conditioning through the use of sound, positive thoughts and intention. We create with words and sound. Words are powerful as they can harm or heal another person. Almost all our actions and reactions result from words. Beneath these words are the vibrations of the tone upon which they travel. Tone, a form of sound, is the underlying force operating in our lives. A sound healing session helps to transform trapped and suppressed emotions, traumas or fears that are stored unaddressed within the body’s cells, tissues, organs and bones. When sounds go into different parts of the body the vibration fused with our intention assists in breaking up the cellular structure of trapped energy in the cells. Some of the sound tools used are Didgeridoo, flute, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, drum, and voice (mantras, over toning organic sounds) played on the various acupressure points of the body A sound healing session assists you into realignment balance, and harmony. Sound healing sessions can be powerful, transformative, relaxing and healing