Sound, by its very definition, is a vibration that transmits as an audible mechanical wave of pressure through a medium. In physics, it is the connection between the intensity and pressure of the medium. Historically, the word sound refers to an effect in the mind.

For thousands of years, the use of sounds and singing has been used as a tool for healing in all cultures around the world. Certain sounds and rhythms are used has a medium for healing through music. This can be seen in the studies of the late Scientist Dr. Emoto. He studied how specific music and words affect water particles. When he spoke words of positive vibration (coherence) or played soft and soothing music like Beethoven, the water particles would turn beautiful. When he spoke words that were negative, or played music like death metal, the water particles would turn into a blob, not holding any geometry.


Since our body is made out of 70-75% water, when we think or sing, we are affecting the water particles inside. The sounds of nature also have a healing effect, while man-made objects can have a harming effect on our bodies. For example, the sounds of the ocean waves compared to the sounds of a jack hammer.

Sound is a special form of information transmission because it has the immediate effect of stimulating the mind, which in turn produces deep emotions. Listening to music can activate our imagination in many ways, causing us to remember moments of the past, explore ideas in the present, and even navigate through future possibilities. Because emotion is an electromagnetic phenomenon, our bodies receive these waves of consciousness energy in a feedback loop of stimulation.

Sounds is therefore not only healing because it can carry frequencies that tune the body to the Earth, but it also affects us emotionally. It is a tool for inner work and activation.
The Solfeggio scale is one example of a precisely expressed string of notes, with a harmonic structure that activates our inner processes of imagination and expansion. The human voice is precisely tuned to the body’s innate frequency ranges, allowing us to literally affect profound healing and growth just by chanting or singing.

It is very obvious that sound can heal. So much so that many therapists use sound therapy as a way to help heal patients from things like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD. But some still question its effectiveness and wonder how sound can heal and how exactly it works.

To start off, sound creates frequencies and vibrations that stimulate our brain. It produces a stable frequency that our brainwaves can focus on and shift too. By entertaining our brainwaves we can move them from a normal waking conscious state to a relaxed state, or even a meditative state. It is similar to the concept of regulating breathing in meditation.

Sound healing is a great thing to bring into your life and can have really positive effects on your brain, your body and your overall wellbeing. There are a few mediums that are often used in sound healing sessions, including singing bowls, gongs, wind chimes, tuning forks and didgeridoos. It is even possible to combine yoga and sound for a full sound healing effect.


All mediums give off different sounds, depending on their material. They are also different shapes and sizes. Sound is made through striking the medium to promote a vibration, which they make a beautiful sound. This sound then calms the mind and entertains brainwaves. Traditionally, some of these mediums have been used by monks in temples for centuries to stimulate meditation. Today, they are used in sound healing to do the same.

Sound can not only induce relaxation, but it can also remove energetic blockages, thus reducing pain. These blockages are in our bodies, not in our minds, and most people are not even aware that they have them. Sound can stimulate and remove blockages by influencing our auditory system. What this means is the sound healing can actually be used as a pain remedy. It can also heal the energy flow within our bodies; or meridian points. Meridian points are areas that control the energetic flow through our body. We have thousands of them that are mapped out like lines on a map of the earth. These meridians hold traumas and imbalances that create physical and mental imbalances. Sound can help blocked energy from events in the past move forward, recycling them back into our life force (prana). This then helps to elevate pain in certain points of the body.

Sounding or singing is one of most powerful tools we have to help liberate suppression, transform energy, and invoke joy into your life.