Kea Angle

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am a multi-discipline performance artist called by my initials KEA. I write songs and myths, I draw and design, teach public middle school and meditate, I sing, I dance, I parent and I play musical instruments. I am a thinker schooled by five decades of consciously applying intuitive and creative methods to mind, body and living. A Master’s degree with the inquiry “Music, Healing and Meaning”  from the University of Lethbridge, 1999 was spurred by deep and life-changing experiences with music, trance and ritual during a ten-year intensive experience of South American indigenous music and ceremonial practice.

Healing and Sound, music and thought, voice and character, learning and being; are the topics my mind lingers upon. My Voice is my instrument of Choice, it is where I return when lost in thought, relating or doing.  To sound the tones of being human is a sacred heart’s quest for me.  I know that vocalizing is integral for spiritual growth, consciousness and psycho-emotional processing, for respiratory and core muscle health. In the workshop, I will share my art, and my longing to be in the deepest service of sharing song and self.