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 Prices seen on this website are quoted for the Winlaw location. The prices for the Himalaya SaltCave is posted on their site.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing sessions are powerfully transformative. A session is a combination with your intention, various sound tools and the vibration of  presence. You have your choice depend on what you need either an active or passive session.

Each Sound Healing sessions benefits the mind, body and soul.  Sound has always been used to alter consciousness, which helps one person to go deep into relaxation and that is when healing can occur.

Active Session

An active session is when the client wants to transform trauma or stuck energy. The incoherent vibration (energy block) transforms through dialogue, as we track into back into the root of the problem. The client is fully engaged in this participation. Some sound tools are used for each session.

Passive Session

A passive session is for those who feel exhausted, stressed and is in need to feel nourished and replenished.  The client shares their intention and allows the sounds to soak into the cells of the body.  The sound tools do the rest.With an open heart and mind, you will feel better than before you came in. Sound Healing is a way to transform blocked energy, emotions and trauma.

Check out what Sound tools are used. Depending on the clients intention will determine what sound tools will be used.

75 min session for $110

Holistic Massage

A holistic massage includes a combo of various massage techniques combined into one session depending on each individual and the tissue of each body. Some of the techniques are adopted from the styles of Swedish, shiatsu, reflexology, myofacia, chi nei tsang (abdominal massage), reiki, ayurvedic yoga massage and aromatherapy.

60 min $100,  90 min $130, 120 min $160 

Euphoria- two hour massage and sound

Euphoria:  This two hour massage is an all-time favorite combines a blend of several modalities in one session, and truly brings you into a feeling of euphoria.  This goes very deep, beyond your physical body, including a massage of the whole body; the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls used on and around the body; the different frequency tuning forks; and a blend of over 9 healing modalities mixed into one session, specifically tailored for you.

2 hours: $160


The practice of Shiatsu is based on the philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine, which views health problems and illness as the imbalance of the body’s qi life force energy. Shiatsu includes the use of fingers, thumbs and palms with specific pressure on various acupressure points on the body with the rhythm of the breath. The points will depend on each client’s needs.

60 min $100,  90 min $130, 120 min $160 

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang pronounced (chee-nayt-song)is a holistic approach to the healing touch modality. Its the massage of the abdominal area.

It integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. CNT goes to the very origin of health problems, including psychosomatic and emotional responses.Developed by the White Cloud Taoist Monks in ancient China thousands of years ago. The Taoists realized that emotions affect the organs, and saw that one of the main causes of the disease is emotions which get stuck in the body.

We may feel emotions such as anger, sadness, fear or jealousy and don’t know how to let them go. Each of these emotions is correlated to a specific organ and may interrupt their normal functioning.

This means that the way we feel provokes physical pain, so this treatment intends to free our organs from pain and heal us.

This massage benefits everyone on various levels. Improves digestion, circulation, emotional trauma, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, bloating and gas to name a few.

75 min $125

Private Yoga Session

If you wish to have a private asana class and realign your asana, or improve your meditation, or philosophy, Sequoia can assist you, book a private session and take advantage of her 25 years study and practice. The last 11 years Sequoia has been both a guest teacher and organizing international yoga teacher training with her own school. Her style is based on traditional Hatha Yoga.

$75 for 75 minutes

Breath Session

It might sound silly to think of having someone coach your breathing right? If you’re not breathing you would be dead, yet sometimes the world can easily move us out of our centre which has a direct effect on our breathing.

After a decade of teaching and practice pranayama and conscious connected breathing, I have witnessed only positive results mentally, physically and spiritually. No matter how far along the path you are we all have potential moments where we fall into unconscious patterns triggered by stress. When these moments arise, instantaneously our breathing is affected and it activates the fight-or-flight nervous system that releases a stream of stress hormones into our body. The body is a mirror to our nervous system. There is no outer switch to the system; it works from the inside out. When we are stressed or holding incoherent emotions (fear, doubt, anger, etc.), this turns on the sympathetic nervous system, affecting the proper functioning of all the body’s systems. This includes your breathing.

Breath Session:

Your choice of Pranayama classes or personal Conscious Connected breathwork

The breath is a gateway for personal transformation. It has a direct effect in turning on our inner switch to the rest and relax response in the body. It’s the fastest tool I know, to move stuck and stagnant energy.

A practice called Conscious connected breathwork is what has been adopted from an earlier breath practice called rebirthing. Both of these practices share a common link. The breather keeps a continuous rhythmic breath for 15-45 min. As one keeps a regular breath rate, it awakens old thoughts, feeling and emotions. The continuation of breathing helps to move these subconscious stuck energies from our body. It alters consciousness and awakens various brain states.

Private sessions $80 is 75-90 min long. Group breathing session up to 8 people are $40 per person min 3 people. 

All sessions are available in person or Skype

Session are offered in Nelson's at the Salt Cave Tuesday, Friday & Saturday.

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