Improve your health ~ Increase your vitality ~Enhance your sleep ~Awaken your connection with Spirit

1 time session $75    Private or Skype 


Monthly Package

           Four Sessions               

–       Four 40 min weekly support, guidance skype calls and practice sessions

–       Complimentary 20-consultation session.

–       A pre-recorded 1:1 music for breath ratio for easier practice

–       Video links to the various breathing techniques

–       PDF of various yogic breathing techniques

–       $299  Introductory offer of $250 for those who sign up for the month of June.

10 Sessions  (must be used within a 2 month)

  40 min skype sessions which offer support, guidance, and corrections spaced out over a two-month period.

–       Complimentary 20-consultation session.

–       Two pre-recorded music used for accuracy of breath count 1:1 music for breath ratio for easier practice

–       A PDF of the yogic breathing techniques

–       Access to the video links of the various breathing techniques

–        Video links of the practices  $599 introductory offer $550 for those who sign up in the month of June.

Payment must be received in full before the session starts. From my experience when you pay ahead of time you are more likely to commit to your investment. It also makes it clear for both of us that you are serious to make this effort.

Payment options