Mao Uemura

Mao is Director of Auspicious Yoga and Ayurveda school in Japan and is known as the creator of Bhakti Flow Yoga.

Mao’s 20-year classical ballet background helps her bring graceful Movement to Asana. She was introduced to yoga as an English-Japanese Interpreter for yoga teacher training courses, after which she started to teach Asana. Since then she has taught over 20 teacher training courses around the world. Now she is sharing Yoga, Ayurveda and Bhakti in yoga studios all over Japan and, as well as retreat centers internationally.

She is also a qualified therapist and recently continued to deepen her studies of the subtle body, Kirtan, and guided meditation. She is deeply passionate about her work and being a part of the healing journey of her students.

Her soft and gentle approach will guide you through your practice with love, devotion and surrender.

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