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Benefits of Pranayama practice:

  • Brings us to the present moment
  • Connects us to our bodies and spirit
  • Improves your digestion as it helps bring prana to the digestive region
  • Improves many sexual problems
  • Influences our parasympathetic nervous system
  • Establishes stability for longer sitting practices
  • Relaxes the body and mind
  • Increases our intake of oxygen
  • It brings oxygen to the lower organs of the body
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Helps to reduce hypertension
  • Assists in lowers blood pressure

The 4 Stages Of Pranayama Breathing :

  1. Inhalation / Puraka – the intake of a full inhalation, keeping it smooth & efficient.
  2. Internal retention / Antara kumbhaka- retention of air within the lungs after inhalation.
  3. Exhalation / Recaka – expelling used air from the lungs.
  4. External retention / Bahya kumbhaka – containing the retention of empty lungs after exhalation.                   
  5. *In the practice of pranayama one is aims to include all  four stages


“The air contains prana. The air itself is not prana. Prana is not the breath itself but the power that makes you breathe. Prana is in water and in food, too. It is not the food itself, but the power that digests that food: not drink itself, but the power that produces thirst. The prana in you is able to extract the prana from the air you breathe, and use it. It is prana that connects the body with the mind and therefore what happens in the body is reflected in the mind. If you control your prana your mind is controlled: if you control your mind, the prana is controlled.” 
~Y.S.P, Swami Omkarananda