Returning Home


This CD has been co-created by Sequoia Henning and with the amazing engineering of  Lumin White.


Together they have combined their talents with the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls, gongs, and elemental sounds.  This is a journey of tonal landscapes taking you into a place of deep relaxation and meditation.  It’s a very shamanic journey, best used for meditation, massage, yoga, and healing. 


This 47 min journey will shift your brain frequency to become more relaxed bringing it from Beta to alpha or theta and support a homeostasis’s for healing in the body and mind.

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This recording is a journey of tonal landscapes using the Tibetan bowls and temple gongs.  It is embedded with natural elemental sounds of fire, wind, water, earth, crickets, and more.  This whole recording takes you on a journey which brings you home to your heart center with the angelic chanting sounds of Native Indians and Tibetan and Gregorian monks.  It is unlike anything you have ever heard before.

This is a very unique recording, as it was embedded with energetic fields that specifically open the body.  The most powerful way to listen to this recording is by setting an intention, as then the energetic fields will amplify that thought, as energy follows awareness.  It’s recommended that you be  in a non-interruptive environment while listening to this recording, as you will go much deeper into the experience.  Having this recording playing in the back ground if you are not able to fully give it your attention will also help bring grounded energy into the space you are in.

Lumin White is an audio engineer, inventor and sound researcher who has worked with many new age recording artists such as Deva Premal, Jai Uttal, and others. Lumin was the recording engineer for the San Francisco Symphony for many years.  His work is also being used at the Monroe Institute.  Lumin has been studying sound for over 25 years.  His expertise and knowledge has gifted this CD with a unique recording process, as he has embedded energetic fields into the CD which help to open the body.  Lumin is a master of masters.

Sequoia Henning is a holistic practitioner, teacher of Yoga and Sound healing. Sequoia has been studying & practicing the use of sound and energy healing more than 15 years. After using sound, breath and belief Sequoia successfully healed herself.  Sequoia continues to expand and deepen her knowledge of healing, yoga and sound ongoing.


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