Namastes Lovers of Sound and Healing

Coming up in the summer and fall of 2019 is many sound healing offerings.

Including a Sound Healing and Empowered Voice Camp Sept 20-23,2019

Plus twice a month song and improve circles

Aum circles

Sound Healing Workshops and monthly Sound Healing Journeys in Nelson, Kaslo and throughout western Canada.

*Check back for details posted soon

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The Healing Power Of Vibration

Everybody needs a certain sound or rhythm for their own personal growth, as this is another reason various instruments are used. If you think about it, everything we see with our eyes holds a vibration. As like our emotions, organs and thoughts vibrate, this has been recognized in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda. When we use specific sounds on the body, the vibrations move like waves in a still ocean and the sub-particles of the sound go into the areas within our bodies that are in need of healing or harmony.

Like a sponge soaking up blocks of energy in the body can be experienced in a group sound healing or private session. A journey of sound can be compared to hypnotherapy or Yoga Nidra if facilitated correctly, as it influences the subconscious where we are programmed in our beliefs and have the power to change any unwanted belief.

Comments From Participants After A Sound Journey

“I have done Ayahuasca and this was far more powerful”

“I have never felt so relaxed before in my life”

“I had a headache before I came and now it’s completely gone”

“I got the answers I was looking for”

“I am not sure where I went or even what happened yet I feel great”