Sound Healing Workshop

This two day workshop is an introduction to Sound Healing. 

Day 1: Focus is on the voice. Using your voice for healing yourself and others. 

Day 2: Focus on sound tools with the emphasis on Singing bowls and rattles.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The power of vibrations: From science to spirit.
  • The micro and macro: the invisible connection of life.
  • Emotions: the unseen world of your guidance system.
  • Free your voice: as you tune into your most powerful instrument to heal yourself and others.
  • Tibetan Bowls: how to use the bowls for healing yourself and others.
  • Sound Tools: used for healing including the didgeridoo and rattle
  • Mantras: the voice of your soul
  • Toning: transform energy blocks through toning
  • The four levels of sound:  explore the various aspects of vibration

Next Sound Healing Workshop will happen in May of 2020 in Nelson.

Two-day workshop  10:00-5:00 pm $333 with a 30 min lunch break

Private classes are available via Skype.

Host a Sound Healing Workshop

 Minimum 7 people required 

There may be additional travel costs

The host would arrange accommodation.

Contact Sequoia for more details