Meet Sequoia Henning

Sequoia Henning

Sequoia’s life journey has been an ongoing evolvement of her spiritual development through the study and ongoing practice of yoga and healing. In her teenage years, Sequoia began to study esoteric knowledge secretly, by joining a regular study group on the topics of chakras, meditation and crystal healing. Her interest of yoga and sound healing branched out as she adventured on her first of many journeys to India at the fresh age of 21.

Guest Teachers

Mao Uemura

mao uemura

Mao is Director of Auspicious Yoga and Ayurveda school in Japan and known as creator of Bhakti Flow Yoga.

Mao’s background is in classical Ballet for 20 years that brings her graceful Movement in Asana.

Mao and Sequoia have shared the last 12 years co-teaching yoga teacher trainings in India, Thailand, Bali and Japan.

Always an offering of laughter and love.

Jero Mangku Ketut Darsa


Jero comes from a family of holy priests and oversees the sacred garden temple of Beji where he presents prayers and offerings to the spirits and conducts ceremonies on specific days. Jero’s life is devoted to Spirit and he uses his connection with unseen energies to share the universe’s wisdom with all. Jero joins us when we are in Bali as he conducts all the water ceremonies.