The Healing Power of Smudging 


What is smudging? 

Smudging is a very ancient practice, which has been used by various indigenous tribes through out the world. It is a way of cleansing the energy field both in the area we are in and around each individual. The smoke and consciousness of the plant work together to purify negativity and clear the energy fields. The North American Natives use a variety of smudge as medicine to cleanse themselves before going into ceremony, harvesting medicine, hunting or to purify the start of their day.


Does a plant hold consciousness?

Just like each person has a specific gift, different energies of vibration as does each plant. Each flower, tree, bud and fungus holds a varying degree of consciousness and energy. Its subtle yet accessible if you listen. If you wish to learn more about how science can record the vibration of a plant check out the work done in the intentional community of Damanhur. 


What herbs are used in smudging? 

Different tribes who still live close to the land throughout the world have a close relationship with specific plants, which grow nearest to them. Each tribe has a different plant allies they use for their smudge, which is a form of medicine. 

For some of the tribes of North America you will see the desert sage, Okanagan sage, white sage, sweet grass and the black diamond willow fungus being used. 


How to get the herbs? 

The western world has been taught to simply take. Yet the unseen law of reciprocity is an unseen law through out the universe. When you give you are also receiving by the act of giving, right? 

Personally when I go and harvest my medicine, I do so with intention. This is the key for everything we do. I have been harvesting my Okanagan sage in the same location for 15 years. I do not just take the sage, as I connect with the energy of Mother Earth and the consciousness of the Sage plant through giving an offering and prayer. I state that with each plant I harvest may it be used for the intention of healing. Each bundle wrapped with the same healing intention. Some times I sing while I am bundling them together, other times I hold a vision of healing. If you do not go out and harvest your own medicine, it might not have been blessed, or harvested with good intentions, yet its available online. 


How do you smudge?

The most important thing about smudging is making sure your heart is open and your not in your head, with judgements. Each thought we think is felt and its important to stay focused.  If you’re new to smudging I highly recommend reciting a mantra so you stay focused. There is no written book on “how to smudge” yet I suggest following the energy field that is moving through our body. Its like a Tutorus the power of energy from the top all the way down and either from the ground up fanning the smoke around the body or from the top down. Energetically you will feel how the feather being used to move the smoke effects your energy field. 

Connecting to Spirit 

When we invoke gratitude it not only opens our heart, it connects us to the unseen energy of Creator, Great Spirit, the one who is called a thousand names. As when we are in our hearts there is no fear, worry, judgement its all acceptance. Love is another name for God.  When we prepare our self or the space we reside in with an intentional way it invokes a sense of ceremony. When we connect to a higher purpose we shift how we see the world and ourself. 


What are the benefits of Smudging? 

  • There are many benefits including
  • Purification of your personal energy field 
  • Cleanses the energy of a room
  • Brings forth a sense of clarity
  • Invokes a connection to the Sacred
  • Connects to the consciousness of the plant 
  • Calms the nervous system 
  • Cleans the air 
  • Helps someone ground


Hope you will create time in your day to smudge your home, business and vehicle. 

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