The Sanskrit word chakras translate as “wheel”. Chakras are spiritual energy centers located within the body, which closely reflects our state of health, psychic abilities, spiritual growth and consciousness.  They take form of various vibrating vortexes that spin in from the front and out to the back of the body. There are 7 or 9 major chakras, (depending what tradition you reference, we will reference seven) and many minor chakras in the body. The Yoga kundalini Upanishad (an ancient yogic book written 4000 or 5000 B.C.)  Discussing various subjects of self-relationship also describe the chakras. Its is something the ancient wisdom included in self-enquire. 


Similar to how our body functions automatically the chakra also operate automatically. They are not physically seen yet they can be felt. When we feel another person’s energy, we may describe them as having a “good or bad vibration”, this has a direct link to the energy in our chakras, thoughts and emotions. The chakras are interdependent on each other for harmony and balance.



The seven major chakras are located; at the base of the spine, the reproductive center, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the eyebrow center and finally at the crown of the head. 

The chakras centers also represent the body’s major systems: excretion, reproduction, digestion, circulation, respiration and the complex functions of cognition. The seventh chakra is sometimes referred to as the center of consciousness. The seven ductless glands that makeup the endocrine system, which governs our hormones, are also connected to one of these major chakras in the body. They also connect to different glands and nerve plexus in the body. 

Most of the major chakras are closely situated near the spine. In yoga the spine is also known as the highway of consciousness. The mind and body are in constant communication through the highway of the spine, from energy of thoughts, and communicating hormones. The Ancient philosophers of the East relates the functions or malfunctions in our chakras related to the changes of our own inner tattvas, the five basic elements held also within each body, of earth, water, fire, air and akasha ( ether). 


These elements are constantly rising and falling like the waves in the ocean with our emotional state and our own circadian rhythms.


The chakras are able to process the energy received and convert it into chemical, hormonal and nervous information via the nadis and the spine so that the body can respond at the physical level.  The chakras are therefore responsible for the cellular activity within the body through this conversion of energy into matter.

Each chakra is associated with a specific color, physical functions, an aspect of consciousness, an element, and other distinguishing characteristics.


Each chakra is connected to our being on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual . When a chakra is out of balance it can mean it’s either depleted or excessive. When its out of sync its usually felt on a mental and emotional or physical level. Western medicine and schools are not taught about chakras and they disregard the emotional body, opposite to how the ancient medicine practices of the east incorporates mind, body and spirit integrating the emotional bodies, are included in Chinese, Ayurveda, Korean, Tibetan medicine. 

Balanced chakras 

Spiritually and mentally when the chakras are balanced and energy is flowing freely, we feel more connected to not only ourselves but to all. 

Blocked chakras 

There are many things that can cause blocked chakras.  This can happen through an emotional upset, such as conflict, loss, or accident.  Fear, trauma, anxiety and stress are common causes of chakra malfunction. Usually it’s created from a charged suppressed emotion held within the bodies that needs to be transformed. As energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. 

When blocks accumulate in the energy center, a disruption in the flow of energy through the chakras result, it is these blocks that disrupt the harmony in the field and eventually are the cause of disease, as well as, emotional and mental disorders in the physical body. The emotions cannot move and stay stuck within the bodies. 

Scientific proof

Medical science has proven that toxins and other impurities, which include negative thoughts, chemical enhancements in our food and other poor environmental factors, influence our body.  Constant forms of “pollution” can cause chakra imbalances to manifest, which may eventually affect us on a physical level. If there is a disturbance on any level, this shows in a chakra’s vitality level, and each of the seven main chakras has its own innate intelligence and function. It is up to each individual to improve his or her health conditions, because of our innate wisdom; we should consider that we our best health advocate by just tuning in to our intuition. 

Begin within

Understanding the chakra system is more about how you can help improve your own state of health, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If you want to go into a serious practice of each chakra please contact us as we will be hosting a chakra course in the future.