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“Sequoia is the physical embodiment of light and joy. She lives her passion and shares her gifts with incredible generosity. Wise beyond her years, she exudes confidence and a peacefulness that is magnetic and inspirational. Sound events with Sequoia are never to be missed. I love the place I go in her sound journeys. Sequoia’s massages are the best I have ever received. Highly recommended.

Colette Bosch

I first met Sequoia in Kelowna, B.C , Canada 2005. She is an encouraging workshop facilitator, a talented masseuse, sound healer, and an inspirational, wise woman.  I am thankful for her teachings in my first official lessons on the subtle body of the Chakras.  Her presentation of the profound materials and interactive teaching methods allowed me to become more aware of the connections within and around myself.  Sequoia’s understanding of vibrational sound and healing touch has allowed me to walk away from her treatments feeling happy to be me.   She is a positively unique human being and I am thankful to have been impacted by her.

Neil Anderson

Feeling Soul Good

The Alchemy of Yoga, Sound & Healing

If you want to live a life Feeling Soul Good, you must make positive choices in your life through exercise, breathing, playing music, dancing, meditation, and not taking life so seriously.