10 Simple Ways For a Meditation Practice

If you’re craving a deeper connection to yourself and the divine, meditation will help you achieve this. As the rising rate of depression and stress continues to increase, meditation is a simple tool for peace of mind. 1. CREATE YOUR SACRED SPACE Choose a specific place in your home that is reserved for your meditation […]

The Healing Power Of Smudging

What is smudging? Smudging is a very ancient practice, which has been used by various indigenous tribes throughout the world. It is a way of cleansing the energy field both in the area we are in and around each individual. The smoke and consciousness of the plant work together to purify negativity and clear the […]

3 Simple Sound Healing Methods to Raise Your Personal Vibration

Do you need an energy boost? Do you suffer from anxiety? Ready to remove depression? Or you simply wish to create a natural high vibe? Here are some great tools to lift you mentally and energetically. Best of all of these are simple tools, which are completely free. Practice these 3 simple sound healing methods […]

Strengthen your Water Element with Yin Yoga

THE WATER ELEMENT The water element corresponds to the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians and organs in Chinese tradition.  Kidneys store our life essence, and together with urinary bladder balance yin and yang for all other organs. In Chinese tradition, Water is connected to the north, where days are shorter and nights longer. It’s darker and […]

How Sound Can Heal

Sound, by its very definition, is a vibration that transmits as an audible mechanical wave of pressure through a medium. In physics, it is the connection between the intensity and pressure of the medium. Historically, the word sound refers to an effect in the mind. For thousands of years, the use of sounds and singing […]

How Fasting Once A Week Changed My Life

How Fasting Once A Week Changed My Life I was a teenager when I first heard about fasting.  It wasn’t a topic I’d heard about growing up. I came to learn about it through Mahatma Gandhi, who devoted his life to his country and spiritual practice. He would fast on Mondays—not only from food, but […]

Yoga And Mental Repatterning. How To Heal The Mind

Yoga as a practice is a complete system targeting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Often we fluctuate between which levels or areas we work on depending on where we are in our personal journey. For me, some days it is a largely mental practice, whereas other days the physicality takes over. Nevertheless, the practice […]

Tips On Staying Grounded As You Connect To Your Earth Centre

According to ancient Hindu and Ayurvedic philosophy, the root chakra, or muladhara chakra, is the first energy center of the seven major chakras that climb up the spine to culminate at the space directly above the crown of the head – the space of the Divine. The muladhara chakra is symbolized by a red lotus […]

Transforming Fear Into Trust

Transforming  Fear Into Trust Fear can only live in our minds if we entertain it, but it can be so subtle and insidious that it’s hard to recognize. Sometimes fear hides behind a mask of anger, depression or isolation. It takes a little deep digging to uncover the truth: that fear is what’s motivating that feeling or […]

14 Different Styles Of Yoga, Which One Is Best For You?

14 Different Styles Of Yoga, Learn which one is best for you? Do you want to join a yoga class yet you feel overwhelmed with the wide range of styles to choose from? Knowing what style best suits you helps to understand how each style is different. Here are 14 more popular styles which will […]

Listen To Your Heart

Listen To Your Heart Listen to your heart would it be sensible? Say you want to quit your nine-to-five job and travel the world. You wonder if you should do it because you might not get another job coming back. You ponder and ponder, then you start doubting yourself in many ways. It should not […]

Psychology Of The Psoas

When studying Anatomy and Physiology in the late 90s, I was taught that the Psoas muscle was merely a deep hip flexor and at most was a little bit special as the only muscle that passed from the back of the body to the front. I remember being intrigued and wondering if this muscle could […]

The Healing Power Of Sound

Healing Power Of Sound Healing defined in the dictionary “To make or become sound or whole” Sound has been associated with creation, what ever ancient text you look in the beginning of time sound was the vehicle to what moved and created energy. The bible quotes “In the beginning was the word”. From India’s Vedic […]

A Simple Way To Compassion That Works For All People

A Simple Way To Compassion That Works For All People The Path of  compassion through the 8 limbs of  Ashtanga Yoga & Ahimsa According to Patanjali, the father of modern yoga, the practice of yoga is an eight-limbed path, also known as traditional Ashtanga Yoga. This eight-limbed path is a prescribed method of practice written […]

The Yoga Dream

The Yoga Dream Yoga will give you everlasting peace and happiness, a perfect body and eradicate all negative emotions FOREVER! Sound impossible? Probably because it is: A Fantasy, perpetuated by the media to sell Yoga, just like any other product. However yoga is not a product. Yoga is a way of life, which can include […]

Yoga Exercises For The Eyes

Yoga For The Eyes  Many of us grow up believing that one day, perhaps around aged 40; we will simply need to start using glasses because eyesight deterioration is just a natural consequence of aging. What they don’t know however, is that just like any other muscle in the body, our eyes need to be […]

Healthy Shoulder Joint With Yoga

Yoga And The Shoulder Joint Understanding the structure of the shoulder joint and its various anatomical components can help you to understand how the shoulder joint works, how it can be injured and how to prevent or heal injury with yoga. The shoulder is actually one of the most complex of all the joints, and […]

Breathing Practices & Health Benefits

Simple Breathing Practices                   And Their Health Benefits The breath is like a switch for the mind and body. When we are relaxed in our mind, our breathing is slow and deep. When we are stressed, our breath is short and shallow. The deeper the breath the more […]

Boost Your Body Image

Boost Your Body Image We all have unique stories about our bodies, but unfortunately many of us are prevented from loving ourselves fully because of our poor body image. We’ve heard it all before–how the media perpetuates unhealthy physical standards and the pressure to be “thin” is everywhere, but the truth is this body-hate comes […]

Abdominal Strength And Yoga

Abdominal Strength And Yoga Regardless of how much we may try to resist, the urge to use yoga to get a “good body” is pretty much drummed into us before we even get started and one of the strongest desires or ideas we have about what constitutes a beautiful body is having a flat stomach, […]

Listen To Your Body

Listen To Your Body Our bodies are vehicles that allow us to move freely, explore the earth, and get from A to B. However, we rarely listen to them. I fell in love with yoga history and philosophy during yoga teacher training, because its leaders advocated for people to tune into their bodies, respect them […]

Yoga And Stress

 Yoga And Stress Yoga reduces stress. We’ve all heard that and we all like to tell our students, colleagues and friends. But how exactly does Yoga reduce stress and what is stress anyway? Stress is one of those highly used words like “holistic” or “organic” that have been slapped around so much that it is […]

Seeking An End To Suffering

Seeking An End To Suffering Who isn’t? Seriously. Humans have apparently been on this quest for millennia… that is, after they realized they were suffering and that they had been avoiding this obvious matter in one way or another for a long, long time. Suffering can be a tricky thing to weed out after all […]